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IRC Channel

Post by roerich » Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:09 pm

Post copied from our old forum

Skyrim: Home of the Nords has an IRC channel, and whether you're a skyrim modder who just wants to chill out and chat with the rest of the team, or a guest who wants to check out the project and talk with it's members, you're welcome to join the channel.

The network is chatspike, and the name of the channel is #shotn (If you're using mibbit, just click on the link.)

The rules are simple, similar to TR's IRC:
-no porn
-no discussion of illegal activities
-no trolling, insults or spamming
-no unauthorized bots/scripts
-use queries where appropriate.

Though we're pretty lenient.
If people need help connecting to, or using IRC, I can post up a few pointers.


How to join the channel using pidgin

First you'll need to download and install pidgin from here:" onclick=";return false;
When you start up the program you should see a window like this:

Click 'add' and fill in the 'Add Account' window that pops up as shown here, using your own nickname of course, I don't think a password is necassary:

Then click add and it'll connect you to the chatspike network, which our channel is on. However you're just connected to the network the channel is on, not the channel itself, so you wont be able to chat to anyone yet.
The IRC window looks like this, the tabs at the top are the different chat windows.

Type in the message as shown above, replacing [password] with your chosen password, and [email] with your email address.
Check your inbox, and copy and paste the verification command into any of the IRC channels, and it should spit out a message that looks something like this:
(6:15:43 PM) NickServ: (notice) dirnae_tutorial has now been verified.
(6:15:43 PM) NickServ: (notice) Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

Now your nickname is registered, let's join the skyrim: home of the nords channel.
At the top of the IRC window select Conversation-> Join a Chat, and type into the 'Channel:' box on the window that pops up '#shotn', and then press Join and you should be connected to the channel.

With the shotn channel selected, click on 'Conversations' again at the top, select Add, then press Add again in the 'Add Buddy' window that comes up, to add the chat to your buddy list.

Now you're all setup, whenever you open pidgin, you just need to:
-type '/msg NickServ identify [your password]' into any of the 3 IRC channel tabs that pop up
-click on the shotn channel in your buddies list to connect.

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