Rentable Beds for KW [ESP]

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Rentable Beds for KW [ESP]

Post by Texafornian » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:11 pm

Here's an ESP that adds beds for rent in the Dancing Saber and Ruby Drake via the same mechanics found in vanilla/P:C. Full changelog is below:

New Scripts:


New Globals:


New Objects:


New Dialogue:

Added SHOTN section to "beds" topic in the same manner as P:C
(Restricted to T_Sky_Publican class)

Objects to be Deleted:

RefID: t_rga_setreach_doorin_01 (now Sky_RentDoor_KW_Dancing_Saber)
Cell: Karthwasten, Dancing Saber: Tavern
Coordinates: 3971.34 4323.41 13633.9

RefID: t_rga_setreach_doorin_01 (now Sky_RentDoor_KW_Ruby_Drake)
Cell: Karthwasten, Ruby Drake Inn
Coordinates: -260.918 817.424 320

Modified NPCs:

- Dialogue:
* New "beds" topic dialogue
* Changed his ID-specific Greeting 7 to mention "beds" instead of "bed" (and added a period at the end)
- Script: Now has "Sky_Pub_KW_Dancing_Saber" (kept his "poor" variable declaration)
- Class: Changed T_Sky_Merchant to T_Sky_Publican
- Dialogue:
* New "beds" topic dialogue
* Changed his ID-specific Greeting 7 to mention "beds" instead of "bed"
- Script: Now has "Sky_Pub_KW_Ruby_Drake"
- Inventory: Added food and drink to purchase (probably needs to be changed up)
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Re: Rentable Beds for KW [ESP]

Post by Yeti » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:55 pm

Huh. I thought this had already been done. Well, no matter. Thanks for putting this together, Texafornian. Once I've done some testing, I'll make sure to merge it into the file.

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Re: Rentable Beds for KW [ESP]

Post by MinerMan60101 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:35 pm

Has this been merged yet?
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