Colovian Highlands Exterior: CH_06 [Unclaimed]

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Colovian Highlands Exterior: CH_06 [Unclaimed]

Post by chef » Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:43 am

Area marked CH_06 on this map:

Imperial Reserve territory formerly belonging to the Hastrel family. There is a small part of the Gilded Hills transition area in this claim, terrain should slope up from it. Look at CH_02 and CH_03 for transition style. The Ayleid ruin Varondo could be built in a valley, perhaps falling victim to landslides. The north side of this claim has a dirt road with an abandoned mine. Add 2-3 dungeon entrances throughout the wilderness of this claim. The west half of this claim should not be higher than the hill that Hastrel Estate sits on (CH_05.)

Region references for Gilded Hills: ... 103&t=1492 ... 103&t=1567
viewtopic.php?p=9517#p9517 (Asset guide)

Region references for Colovian Highlands: ... 108&t=1610 ... 108&t=1611
viewtopic.php?p=15267#p15267 (Asset guide)

Quick editor script for cutting:
(gridX <-108 OR gridX >-104 OR gridY >-36 OR gridY <-38);
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