Falkheim: Falkargad Tower A (Sky_iRe_Mid18) [unclaimed]

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Falkheim: Falkargad Tower A (Sky_iRe_Mid18) [unclaimed]

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Northern Falkargad tower. The fort is occupied by a group of Nord bandits led by the witch ("Fryse Hag") Sovila Crow-Tongue.

Background: The ancestral fortification of Falkargad, built during the first centuries of the First Era. The towers once guarded the southern entrance to the petty-kingdom of Falkheim, which stretched across the modern day High Rock/Skyrim border. The Kingdom was dissolved during the tumultuous years surrounding the War of Succession. Falkargad itself fell around 1E500, where Falkheim succumbed to internal struggle and Elven incursions from the Direnni rising in the West.

Interior will have to be makeshifted out of barrow and barrowfort pieces.

Use T_Nor_FurnP or T_Nor_Set furniture for the bandit camp.

Note to NPC'er: The witch can wield an artifact, coordinate with Cicero which one it should be.

Cell -107,21

The exterior can be found here (use the latest file)

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