Dungeon Tileset: Imperial Crypts

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Dungeon Tileset: Imperial Crypts

Post by Infragris » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:57 pm

The crypt tileset is a smaller than usual set with only a limited application - for now. In my opinion, crypts could be used more freely across the country, or near prominent settlements and other locations. There are, however, a number of problems with the set that need to be solved first:
  • The set in its entirety should have improved/expanded textures. Currently, it uses a mix of specific textures and material from the Wayshrine set.
  • The exterior entrance meshes should be redone entirely, as these are very low-quality models. The associated walls and gravestones could also be updated to follow the same style, though I am not sure if the wall set should even be retained.
  • The interior tileset could be expanded with room pieces, columns, double-height rooms, etc. Also consider more diverse assets that refer to roman catacombs and modes of burial - the set is too generic right now.
  • Clutter associated with the crypts is low-quality: coffins, incense burner lights, etc. are kind of generic and often mediocre models and textures. All of these could be updated.

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