A General Note on the Data Update

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A General Note on the Data Update

Post by Infragris » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:18 am

Tamriel Data was updated last month (if you haven't upgraded yet, please do so now) and included several edits to data structure which are important if you are making an interior or exterior right now:
  • Most Flora and Terrain assets for the Gilded Hills region are now included. Exterior modders working on the northern gold coast can start incorporating these assets on the northern edges of their claims. We have included copies of the VurtTrees with appropriately ID'd assets: T_Cyr_FloraGH_Tree_01-08. If your claim is using these trees, please replace instances of the VurtTrees with the appropriate counterparts. If your claim is already in reviewing, then don't worry about it: it will be changed in merging.
  • Ayleid furniture assets have now been collected under the _f_ prefix. Due to compatibility issues, the old ayleid designations are still in data, but will likely be phased out in the following updates. Please replace any _i_ version of tables, chairs, etc. with the appropriate _f_ version if you are using ayleid furniture in your claims.
  • Mesh and texture replacers for paintings are now in data. Due to the different shapes and sizes of the painting, some have different dimensions than their older counterpart. If you are using paintings in your claim, please check them for clipping.
  • Many books have been deprecated. Please check your WIP interiors and exteriors to see if you use any books labeled "deprecated!" and replace them with other literature.
  • Many plants have been deprecated. Please check you WIP interiors and exteriors to see if any of these have been used (go to the containers tabs, sort on names, look for <deprecated>.

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