Northern Gold Coast Required Assets

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Northern Gold Coast Required Assets

Post by Infragris » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:04 am

The northern Gold Coast ("Gilded Foothills" or GF region) is a transit region between the Gold Coast and the eastern Colovian Highlands. Assets developed here can serve double duty as general assets in the Highlands proper or in the transit border between the two region. Unique for the northern Gold Coast is its nearness to the deserts of Hammerfell: it lies on the border of the southern savannah area, and is more arid and rocky in nature.

Required new assets:
  • Ground textures: GF can mostly used existing Gold Coast ground and rock textures, but should have one or two unique arid ground/sandstone/dry grass textures to give it more identity.
  • Flora: GF will use Stirk trees where needed. Important are different forms of cacti and succulents: two or three new plants in this vein should be added. New, dry shrubs would also be good, though not absolutely necessary. All other flora will use Stirk/Gold Coast assets.
  • Salt assets: salt production is an important industry around Sutch. Two or three "salt plain" ground textures will be needed in the Lake Oloman environment, along with salt mounds and crusts, and a salt container rock and ingredient. these will also be used on the inside of Bleak Mine.
  • The existing grapevine mesh and ingredient should be updated for Sutch's vineyards. (+ edits of SHotN's trellis)
  • Sutch will need a number of special assets:
    • The stone spire itself on which the city is built might have to be a unique model. Interior of the spire might also need a special cave mesh for the market hall.
    • The Ascensor/medieval elevator will need unique exterior, interior, and elevator parts. Its material types should follow Anvil asset styles.
    • Walls, gates, and large bridges to span the ravine. We could easily base these on SHotN's Redguard fortress set.
    • Optionally, some smaller Redguard culture stuff like statues, frescos or ruins.

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Post by worsas » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:56 am

I'm not at home until february, but I'm thinking about helping with the succulents when I'm back. I just need to make sure, I don't forget about it then.

The shotn-redguard walls are supposed to be reach-specific and not necessarily representative for the Redguards as a race. That's something you should keep in mind, at least. The walls would be more ftting, if straight and high rather than slanted and stoney like the shotn redguard walls. They might also incorporate plaster.

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Post by Moritius » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:09 pm

As I said on discord, current succulent plants in data (especially cactus plants) are not too good. I have some stuff in mind, I will make list of plants I think could be fitting there ;).
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