Markarth: The Silverblood Mine [Locked]

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Markarth: The Silverblood Mine [Locked]

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Locked until Markarth quest work begins

Player can encounter a foreman in the tavern who says that he's out of work. His clan, Silverblood, used to believe that there was a rich mine nearby, the entrance to which was buried in a rockslide a long time ago. Nowadays, the foreman is the only one who puts any stock in the rumors. He tasks the player with finding the mine and promises to pay them. After locating the mine and returning to the foreman, the player is told that they can't be rewarded at that time. The player can:

1) Stop the quest for lack of a reward.
2) Hear the foreman's plans for repayment.
3) Ask for a reward and succeed or fail based on speechcraft.
4) Demand a reward and succeed or fail based on speechcraft (stops the quest).

If the player goes with options 2 or 3, they're then asked (same conversation window) to invest 1,000 gold into the foreman's venture to buy supplies, hire miners, etc. The player can:
1) Stop the quest (can be restarted).
2) Invest 1,000 gold.
3) Say that they'll find the miners and equipment.

The third option should end up being much less than 1,000 gold, implying that the foreman is clearly "overestimating the costs"... After paying the foreman 1,000 gold, or securing the miners and equipment and returning to the foreman, the player is told to head to the mine site after a number of days. This journal entry should move miners and equipment to the mine entrance, as well as the foreman after a cellchange check to ensure that he doesn't disappear in front of the player.

After 3 days, the rocks are disabled and Cidhna Mine is opened. The foreman forcegreets the player outside the mine and tells them that there's just one more snag in his plan: baddies are present in the mine. Clearing them out updates the journal. The foreman then rewards the player by giving them some amount of silver every two weeks, either through dialogue or a container in the mine.

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