DSW: Khulista's Curse [Miamian]

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DSW: Khulista's Curse [Miamian]

Post by Texafornian » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:00 pm

Asking for latest rumors in Dragonstar West will point you to an older woman named Khulista outside the city. Upon finding and speaking to her, she reveals that she was there during the War of Bend'r Mahk, and during the war she sent her daughter away into Skyrim so that she'd survive - not believing that either of them would survive the conflict. But now, Khulista has been stricken with some kind of curse, the mages guild not being able to find a cure, she decided to leave society to die, not wanting anyone else to be infected via contact (just in case it's a transmitable affliction). She asks the player to find her daughter, and give her a letter and a family heirloom of hers, and to tell her daughter she has already passed.

The player can find her daughter in the Karthwasten Bazaar, she was initially sent to White Hold, but she's recently come back to The Reach to search for Khulista. The player has the option to either tell her her mother is dead, or tell her her mother's alive. If the PC says she's dead, they leave the daughter sad and return to Khulista to get some gold and a thank you. If they say she's alive, the daughter insists that the PC brings her to Khulista. Go back there and find that Khulista is mad and won't speak to you. Talk to the daughter and she'll give you some low level enchanted item she bought at the Bazaar. After a couple of days Khulista will disable and the daughter will return to White Hold (don't need to worry about her going back until we get there, just disable her for now).

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Post by Miamian » Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:14 pm

I really want to do this one.

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