Liber Imperator [WIP]

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Liber Imperator [WIP]

Post by Infragris » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:30 pm

Fluff for the Talos cults.
Liber Imperator

Beware the lamp of evil men,
who seek to undo the righteous works of the EMPEROR:
Where he builds bridges,
they bring about the flood.
Where he brings roads,
they wander the wilderness.
Where he raises towers,
they claw at the foundations.
Where he creates walls,
they leave the door unlocked, a welcome to evil things.

The road of the righteous man under the benevolence of the EMPEROR:
it is like a long and narrow flight of stairs,
it is not easy to climb,
and many fall by the wayside.
But the road of evil men leads downwards only,
it is twisted and dark,
and leads to the heart of the forest,
where evil things roam.

These are eigth things that the EMPEROR condemns,
eight things that are displeasing to him:
Those who count the hours in idleness,
Those who rejoice in the promise of death,
Those who give food to mendiants,
Those who indulge in lust alone,
Those who let the wind decide their steps,
Those who trade in illicit things,
Those who speak lies disguised as wisdom,
Those who give mercy where there should be justice.

For evil men, the EMPEROR has prepared his house:
Nine times nine prisons have been built,
in every corner of the world,
with thick walls,
with high towers,
with guards that do not sleep,
with locks that have no key.
beware the stranger who wakes in this house,
not knowing where he came from or what he is to do,
forever will he curse and wander the earth,
looking to escape his prison.

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