[Book] Palms of Ember

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[Book] Palms of Ember

Post by Violet » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:10 pm

Palms of Ember

by Hjalorn Seething-Gaze

There are many who wish to be like us, whether they know of us or not, but few wish to dance along side the cold fires of our hearths. Still, though, our clan is one of great adventure and honor, for the Fire-Hand clan breathes warmth throughout our frostbitten plains. To understand the Fire-Hand clan, you must understand all that is to be a warrior, to lust after battle and victory. You must endure the cold, and thrive in fire. To give a better understanding of the strongest of men, I must first allow you the pleasure of understanding our ways.

Like many young men seeking to master themselves, there is a traditional ice wraith hunt. However, we have other rites of passage for those brought up in the clan. One such rite is the Hands of War; In this ceremony, a young warrior must bury one hand into the snow, while the other hand must be set on top of a smoldering pit of fire recently extinguished. If the warrior loosens either one then they are still but a helpless child - a child unworthy of honorable battle. If, however, the warrior should remain in position until the break of a new dawn, they may lift their hands and be welcomed by the Hearth Gods, for they are worthy of joining our ranks as the latest members of the Fire-Hand clan. This rite, of course, was much easier to perform in Eastmarch, but we have since moved to The Reach - as our Nordic brethren had need of us there.

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