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Tamriel Data - Assets Upload Guide

Post by Moritius » Mon May 21, 2018 3:56 pm

Purpose of this thread is to make life easier for people merging data assets. Some uploads are missing esp files, some are not sorted to their corresponding directories, etc.

So, lets get started.
First thing, is always good to have
in your [General] section of Morrowind.ini. Remember, when in doubt, open another copy of TESCS and load Tamriel_Data.esm in it to see how stuff does work.

What about folders? At this point, we have, like, [put number] projects oriented stuff in bsa. While Tamriel Rebuilt has its own TR_Data.bsa, Project Tamriel has one shared archive, PT_Data.bsa.
To the point - for better organisation, it's good to have stuff splitted by its type, right?
So, we have things like this:
1. Meshes/pc/ - P:C
meshes/sky/ - SHotN
meshes/epos/ - Elsweyr
meshes/va/ - Valenwood
meshes/hr/ - High Rock
meshes/tr/ - Tamriel Rebuilt
a - armor body parts (used when npc or player equip said armor) + their ground meshes (when you drop it/use to clutter interiors/exteriors)
b - body parts used by npcs (or player): for projects it's mostly place where head+hair meshes are placed
c - clothing body parts + ground meshes
cr - there's first small difference: we place creature models there (*.nif, x*.kf, x*.nif); vanilla uses /r/ instead (but we're not vanilla right)
d - door models, exterior and interior ones ofc (if you look at vanilla, there are some exceptions but
f - static flora models, various furniture models, activators like animated signs/flags/beds (well, beds are furniture too but mentioning them in case of activators), rock models, cliff models too (although I've seen some cliff models and cave entrance models in /x/)
i - interior pieces like building/cave shells; rocks used in caves are there too
l - lamps, candles, anything used as light; but at the same time, sometimes we use models from different folders as lighting items - depends what do we need to do
m - misc items: potion bottles, books, coins, cups, plates, bowls, pillows, keys - everything you can pick up and sell not being weapon/armor/clothing; in the same time potion bottles, scrolls, books, repair hammers, apparature, lockpicks and probes belongs there
n - ingredients, food
o - container meshes: crates, chests, etc.; note, plants you can harvest ingredients from are there too
w - weapon models
x - exterior pieces like building and such
If anything is not mentioned there and you are not sure where to put it, check in cs for tamriel_data and/or vanilla, I'm pretty sure there is something similar to this.

2. Icons - there's a bit less stuff going on there
icons/pc/ - P:C
icons/sky/ - SHotN
icons/epos/ - Elsweyr
icons/va/ - Valenwood
icons/hr/ - High Rock
icons/tr/ - Tamriel Rebuilt
a - armor
c - clothing
l - light
m - misc
n - ingredient/food
w - weapon
3. Textures - now, there's where real fun begins :lol:
P:C and SHotN have their textures put just in textures/; there would be too much trouble for now to change it.
For Elsweyr, I put textures in textures/epos/.
For Valenwood resoures - textures/va/.
For High Rock - textures/hr/.
Now, for Tamriel Rebuilt:
arc/ - architecture
b/ - body parts
bk/ - books
c/ - anything cloth related: clothings, banners, bed parts, etc.
cr/ - creatures
env/ - flora, rocks
lnd/ - land textures
u/ - no idea how does it works, I can see armor textures, misc textures, even body part ones :shock:
w/ - weapons
x/ - exterior parts
Ok, we're ended with folder structure, now for esp file.
Open CS, load Mw+Tb+Bm esms. Do not load Tamriel_Data.esm since you would need to remove this dependency later. Or we would. Better not to load it, srsly.
How to make ids? There's thread about it already. If you still don't get it, as I said at the beginning of this topic, open another CS window, load Tamried_Data.esm in it and look how does it looks like there.

PT part: Now, when you have everything sorted and esp made, you can upload your resources to contribution thread (small note, from now we will use single one since having four is tiresome to manage for merging guy). That is, if your resource is finished. If not finished, well... you can use discord for example if you want to get some feedback.

TR part: When you have everything sorted, you can upload it to asset browser, marking progress etc. Someone would review it eventually and give feedback what to fix. Or, if nothing would need to be changed, it will be merged eventually. Or rejected :lol:.

One last thing - check your resources before uploading.
If texture doesn't need alpha channel, save it as dds DXT1. If needs, save it as DXT5.
Check material settings. Unless its some special case, material should look like this:
Ambient color: #ffffff
Diffuse color: #ffffff
Specular color: #000000
Emissive color: #000000
Glossiness: 0.000
Alpha: 1.000
Check your model alpha settings: flag and threshold.
I think it's all for now, I will update this post if anything more would be needed.
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Post by Moritius » Sun May 27, 2018 9:01 pm

Update since I did not cover stuff that should be mentioned.

First of all, container plants - when you make container plants, make leveled list for ingredients then put it in container. Do not put ingredients in container plants, only leveled list. In that way you reproduce vanilla behavior (Schroedinger's ingredient :lol:). How to set leveled list? Just check vanilla one for plant and replicate its settings. For example random_saltrice - one diference you probably would like to have is setting Chance None to something different than 10. I typically put 30 or 40 but you can do either more or less, depends on various variables. Ask yourself "how hard is to gather something from this plant?"

Second thing, Atrayonis mentioned something about adding paragraph about file naming for nifs/textures/icons/etc.
Tbh I'm not sure what to write since tbh I'm not expert in this matter. Generally speaking it's formula like this:
[project abbreviation]_[object type]_[name]
I mean, I think it is. For example Adamant Katana is tr_w_adamant_katana.nif. Or, some P:C example: pc_ex_anv_building_03.nif. In case of doubt, check existing object.
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