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Threads related to coordination in lore, border regions, objects, implementation, etc with Tamriel Rebuilt
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Post - Release priorities

Post by worsas » Tue May 02, 2017 8:50 pm

Post - Release priorities

I open this thread in the cross-project coordination, because both SHOTN and P:C are currently at a very similar situation and state, content-wise. I've been asking myself, what course of action would have the biggest value for both projects at this point and the way I see it currently, we should try to shorten the delay until our next release takes place (not another 5 years), but still avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves, like forcibly release something within the next four weeks or so.

These are the fields, that, in my view, are of main interest right now:

1. Bugfixing:
When the next version of openmw is released, I plan to install it and systematically test our assets for incompatibility with it + update then accordingly where I can. Quest- and dialogue - fixing aswell as fixing of placement errors, etc. should best be handled by other people here.

2. Organize and execute faction planning/quest planning/quest creation and involve new questers, if possible. The biggest letdown about our projects is the lack of quest content. Let us see what we can do here.

3. Focus on interior creation / npc - planning for Anvil and Dragonstar and other new areas. This is a large large topic that will be with us for months, if not years.

4. Create updated location map. Somewhat minor in priority, but already two people have asked for shotn-map of the release boundaries, just so they can see the progress and the amount of content that has been created. Also, me and roerich meant to move our location map data over to Atrayonis' advanced map template.

This is what I currently see as possible points of main focus in the next weeks and months. But I'd be happy to hear everyone else, also deviating thoughts on this.

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Post by Luxray » Tue May 02, 2017 11:04 pm


- Bugfixing
- Karthwasten Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild quests, as well as misc quests
- Dragonstar and/or Markarth interiors
- New SHOTN map


- Bugfixing
- Any other Stirk misc or Abecean Sea misc quests
- Anvil interiors and GC interiors
- New PC Map
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Post by Infragris » Wed May 03, 2017 3:09 pm

Before going in to this, I should note that I will be working on a pretty important thesis in the following couple of months. I'll still try to be available and do some planning/lore stuff in the background. The good news is that, starting from august, i should have a lot more freedom to focus on the project.

Here's how I'm seeing the next set of priorities for Cyrodiil:

  • Bugfixing: something I will continue to keep an eye on, since I know the file well by now. Probably best to let things accumulate a bit and post a bugfix in a couple of weeks. Worsas, Magamo on discord has posted a partial OpenMW fix for some of the armors, maybe you could have a look at that.
  • Region quest: is drafted, but could do with some pruning to make it flow better.
  • Other quests: can be implemented retroactively through guild assignments and the like. I would prefer to focus creative efforts on the next release, for now.
Southern Gold Coast:
  • The eastern rural exteriors are finished, but need retouching: "bad" flora like Milk Thistles and foreign plants need to be replaced, new assets like the shrines and highway need to be implemented, and some locations could be touched up a bit: Fort Strand has some issues, and I'd like to see some farming fields in the cells adjacent to Brina Cross. I also feel like the region suffers a bit from the "clumpy rocks" exterior syndrome, where the landscape is blanketed with a bland layer of rocks and shrubbery. Someone could go through this quickly and create some empty fields/spaces, emphasize the "rolling plains" aspect of the area. This should not be too much work.
  • A strip of land west of Brina Cross is still undeveloped. This should be rectified as soon as possible. Again, I would like this area to feature some farms or orchards, to emphasize the rural nature of the region.
  • Western Gold Coast: the wilderness close to Anvil is mostly finished, but suffers from the same issues as the above mentioned eastern cells + some forts and locations aren't yet built. Also, some Imperial Legion meshes have to be replaced with the correct local versions.
  • Anvil itself has to be consolidated. Asset limitations and lack of planning are now mostly cleared up, so now we simply need someone to go into the file and cement the look and placement of the docks, districts, and houses. Imho previous generations have been a bit too loose with detailing, which causes undue FPS problems for little gain. A talented, reliable city modder is needed. Once the basic layout of the city is solid, we can open interior claims even while detailing is ongoing.
  • NPCs and quest dev: could basically start on Brina Cross and Strand as soon as the above mentioned retouches have been made.
Northern Gold Coast:
  • Requires assets, refer to this thread for more info.
  • Proposal: we could use a selection of Hammerfell flora and assets from SHOTN to detail the northern areas.
  • roerich is already working on a section of shoreline, including the small village of Thresvy. If all goes well, this exterior could even be included in the GC alpha. NPCing might even start before Anvil.
Further areas:
In the long run, I would like to focus on the northwestern regions, following the Colovian Highlands up to the Barrowlands. The reason is twofold: first, this is pretty much all two or three region types, which means exterior creation won't be constrained by lack of assets, and second, this will allow us to link up Skyrim and Cyrodiil, allowing the player to travel to and from both provinces. The first priority is to create concept art for the Colovian Highlands, Kvetchi Pass and the Barrowlands, with a focus on their color palette.

  • Ayleid weapons and clutter should be a priority: once these two are made, we can produce Ayleid interiors without having to worry about backtracking later, which is a huge waste of time. Creatures are not a big priority, since they can be added by leveled list.
  • Reman clutter, armor and weapons: practically nothing has happened here. Concept art is needed. As it stands, there are few Reman ruins in the southern GC, but they will become relevant soon.
  • Colovian clothing: the asset claims forum is jam-packed with these. As the person who created the Stirk NPCs, I can attest that more variety in the different value classes is needed.
  • Generic armor: Colovian Iron, Steel, and Prince should be replaced before people become too attached to them. The "shadow copies" of regional styles are already in data, but still have to receive new meshes. This is low priority because these things can be added retroactively.
  • Books: In the long term, I would still like to replace the many doubles and mediocre texts in data. Again, these can be added retroactively by replacing the text.

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Post by Ted » Sun May 07, 2017 7:38 am

Are there village without npc in current relise of shotn? I heared this at least...

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Post by roerich » Sun May 07, 2017 10:26 am

Yes, Haimtir is completely empty.

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Post by Ted » Sun May 07, 2017 4:24 pm

So it good place to update current reliase without too many exterior-interior work :)

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Post by Saint_Jiub » Sun May 14, 2017 3:34 am

Infragris, with regards to Colovian clothing, is the issue related to a need for additional concept art, or just for the current concepts to be realized in-game as assets?

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Post by Infragris » Sun May 14, 2017 7:32 pm

The current concepts are fine, but they need to be implemented: look at the claims browser for assets to see what I mean. There are plenty of common clothing options, but a dearth of anything higher than expensive (save hats). It makes it difficult to avoid dressing every rich NPC the same.

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