[Architecture] WR Rural set 1

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[Architecture] WR Rural set 1

Post by ThomasRuz »

Asset request for new pieces for the WR rural building set, based on the concept art linked below:

The pieces shown in the concept art are:
  • Window small (As seen on A&B, and as an extra I would like to see a variant completely made out of wood)
  • Window long (As seen on C)
  • Window semi-circular (As seen on A)
  • Building entrance piece
  • Ground floor middle-piece
  • Tapering ground floor end piece (As seen on A&C)
  • Small wooden extension (as seen on B)
  • Medium wooden extension (As seen on C [Left-side])
  • Long wooden extension (As seen on A [Right-side])
  • Wooden tower extension (As seen on A&C)
  • Chimney (As seen on all)
Additional assets like ground floor windows can also be a good addition to the set.

One of the most important parts in making this set, is the overlapping of the straw/thatch-roofing, so that the transition from piece-to-piece looks natural.

The windows (especially the ones not on ground level) should look like they have been built on top of the already existing house e.g. hanging slightly outside of the roof, and the bottom connected to the roof by wooden beams.

This set will also need interior pieces.
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Post by chef »

Some buildings from soldierofwar's The Great Cities Modders Resource Centre LE back ported for us by Polemicist. I included a quick retexture of one of the buildings using SHotN Reachman house textures, but UV work will be needed. The files should also be named in the style of the retexture I included.
The following needs to be added to Tamriel Data Credits if these are used.
author: soldierofwar
added May 2020, from The Great Cities Modders Resource Centre LE- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/102406
IDs: T_Rea_Set_X_House_06 to 09
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