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Topic: Stirk

Post by worsas » Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:33 pm

Default Response (given by inhabitants of Stirk):
Stirk is the name both of this town and of the island in the Abecean Sea on which it is located. The main industry is fishing, and the local orange-back slaughterfish are regarded as a real delicacy across much of western Tamriel.
Savant Response (will be given outside of Stirk):
Located on a small island in the Abecean Sea, Stirk is a fishing town. The local aristocrat, Victus Pilious, has really pushed the local orange-back slaughterfish and they’re now a very popular delicacy in much of western Tamriel.
Scout Response (will be given outside of Stirk):
Stirk is a fishing town situated on a small island west of Anvil in the Abecean Sea.

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