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Topic: Abecean Sea

Post by worsas » Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:35 pm

Fishermen Response (only within colovian counties):
She is a cruel mistress. Storms frequently roll in from the west, and can easily capsize a small fishing boat. There’s also the constant risk of a Dreugh attack. Even the slaughterfish can kill a man who accidentally falls into the water.
Savant Response (given everywhere):
Enclosed by Tamriel, Summerset Isle and the Eltheric Ocean beyond, the Abecean Sea has been used for travel and trade since the first Aldmer explorers set sail from Summerset Isle.
Scout Response (given everywhere):
A large body of water west of Tamriel. The Abecean contains many islands, such as Summerset Isle, Stirk, Stros M’Kai, Herne, Cespar, the Chain and the ruins of Thras and Yokuda.
Shipmaster Response (only within colovian counties):
The Abecean can be very dangerous for ships when a storm strikes, but any shipmaster worth his salt can see a storm developing on the horizon and sail away from it. Of course, sometimes even that won’t be enough to save you.

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