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Quest ideas from Discord

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Quest ideas from Discord


Woodland Trickery

Somewhere in the Solitude Forest you'll come across some scantily clad Nordic women, they'll invite you to join them at their residence for they were attacked by some monsters that they need you to slay. When entering their cave lair residence, and seeing the corpses of the dead adventurers they've killed, they reveal their true form. The Spriggans then attack the player.

Reward: the equipment of former victims

Sisters of Solitude quest: Ring of Raki

There exists a coven in the Solitude Forest known as the Sisters of Solitude. Upon speaking to the Coven Matron, she explains that the local Raki population has become quite the nuisance to the coven. There is a Maormeri ring within Haafinheim known as the Ring of Raki that King Orgnum supposedly gave to the Wolf Queen along with the original Raki, this unique ring grants the user very high Command Creature effects. There are two possibilities for where the Ring would be, the claimant has the option to choose which would owns it - feel free to have the player be lead to both NPCs to make what's essentially just a fetch quest a bit more interesting & engaging.

Option 1: Well-to-do NPC in Haafingar, whose ancestor was a lesser member of the Wolf Queen's court who - after her passing - raided the palace. It was only discovered years after their death, and while their children claimed to have given everything back to the crown, there are whispers that they may have pocketed certain smaller mementos.

Option 2: The Chieftain of the Frost Maw Clan within the Solitude Forest. The Clan is known to be some of the few to have been able to tame Rakis, and their clan has its origins in being the first in Skyrim to tame the beasts once they began populating the area. The Frost Maw Clan has ties with Potema's bloodline, and thus they are a likely candidate as well.

She asks the player to steal it for her. If Option 1 is the one with the Ring, you may give the ring to the Frost Maw Clan OR to King Thian - increasing their faction reps accordingly - if Option 2 is the one with the Ring, Option 1 should be the misdirect and the player should still have the option to give it to King Thian instead of the Coven. Giving the Ring to the Coven matron will grant the player disposition increases for the Sisters of Solitude, if the Ring was stolen from the Frost Maw Clan, then you also lose faction rep with them. This quest can be used to increase the Coven Matron's disposition enough to complete the "Solitary Interview" quest. Upon completing this quest, you are allowed to sleep in any bed owned by a member of the coven.

Solitary Interview

An Altmer scholar visiting Dragon Bridge has been researching the enigmatic fey. In order to be the next Ahrtabazus (Altmeri scholar from the 2nd era mentioned in "The Faerie" book, he's the author of "The Faerie Chain", a book & theory mentioned within the Faerie book that might be written and in T_D someday, but not today) on the subject, he's traveled all over Tamriel, and his next stop in his quest to learn everything there is to know about them is Skyrim. He wishes to conduct an interview with a the coven matron of the Sisters of Solitude, as they are commonly believed to be highly knowledgeable in the subject of local fey species, but they are known to be reclusive and the forest is too dangerous for someone like him to wander off the main road. He asks the player to find the coven, and convince the coven matron to see him. Asking locals can give the player a vague idea of where they may be, asking a Scout will give very detailed directions.

Speaking to the coven matron with low disposition will give you a "No.". You may then return back to the scholar and tell him, he'll tell you thanks for trying but if he wants something done he'll have to do it himself.

The coven matron will give you a quest's topic in her "No" answer that will lead you to the Ring of Raki quest, you may complete the Ring of Raki quest in an ending that's favorable to her coven in order to raise her disposition enough for her to agree. The dialogue line that will initially give you the "Ring of Raki" quest should be slightly different while this quest is active, to reflect that she is using that quest as a "you scratch my back..." request rather than a normal one like the regular quest giving dialogue line should be. You may also simply raise her disposition and avoid the Ring of Raki quest entirely.

Once she agrees to the interview, tell the Altmer scholar, he'll give you a reward and leave immediately for the coven lair.


Falmer Wear Boots

Markarth Side Misc quest

A Nord man in Markarth Side is convinced that Falmer have robbed him and stole his enchanted boots recently while he was in the wilderness and won't shut up about it. However, there's no evidence of said robbing takes place, so the locals in the area suggest you seek out the local apocathery/alchemist and upon examination - they determine that he has a disease that causes hallucinations. Once you cure him, he realizes that his boots are still in his house so he gives you them as a reward.

Reward: Some enchanted boots.

Thief of a Trade

tentatively Markarth Side, can instead be used anywhere that has a TG presence and at least 4 traders

Houses of four traders were robbed last night and they need to find out who is responsible. The Guard Captain suspects Aevil, known thief, but has no proof of his guilt. We must talk with all traders and find out who was in their home a day before the robbery. After all we get four suspects, but only one was in all four houses that day. If we point the correct one and talk to him, he will admit that Aevil forced him to help on threat of death. With such proof we can go back to captain... or to Aevil and maybe that could be good way to join Thieves Guild. Endings:

1. Point to the correct suspect, Aevil will flee from the city, and the suspect will be found dead the next day. Follow up quest:

1A. Aevil gets put on the bounty board, the player can go out and kill him.
1B. IF the player is a member of the Thieves Guild, they have to clean the mess up. They'll ask you to take the bounty and either help Aevil escape, kill him, or you will be kicked out of the Thieves Guild effective immediately.

2. (IF not a member of the Thieves Guild) Go to Aevil, he will attempt to bribe you with one of the goods he stole in exchange for your silence (you should be able to have to option to refuse AND to ask for more, doing either will have him try to kill you. Kill him and report to the captain, he'll ask for the stolen items in exchange for your reward).

3. Point out the wrong suspect. The Guard Captain arrests them for the day, the next day the real suspect is found dead and the arrested trader is released. You lose reputaton with the Guard Captain, the Guard NPC (since they're clones, that means every guard), and the remaining traders (with a HEAVY reputation loss for the trader you wrongfully arrested).

4. (IF member of the Thieves Guild) Go to the local ringleader of the Thieves Guild, they'll ask you to help Aevil escape unseen. They'll keep the trader from talking (and alive), and give you a reward for helping to clean up this obviously incompetent low rank member's mess.

Currently Untitled

Markarth Side-adjacent Wilderness Quest

You come across an old man out in the wilderness, he doesn't seem to notice you (talking to him ends in a forcegreet "[Mumbling to himself]" sort of line with a Goodbye). Ask NPCs in a nearby settlement (settlement depends entirely on where you put him, best to pick the closest settlement to him) about him and you'll be informed that he used to come into the settlement for supplies every once in awhile, but stopped recently. And that one of the merchants would know more. Ask the merchants about him and one of them will say how he misses the man and his pet wolf, the merchant gives you some basic food items for you to bring back to the old man.

Talk to the old man and give him the stuff and he'll tell you how his pet (insert Nordic pet name for wolf here) went out to grab him some dinner and never came he asks you to find him for him and gives you some directions on where the wolf might be. Go there, help the wolf kill some bandits, you and the wolf return to the old man and he gives you a bunch of neat stuff.

Curse's Handiwork

Midkarth Misc Quest

A farmer near Markarth Side (possibly one of the farms just outside of the city?) has come on hard times recently, his crops are failing and a large chunk of his livestock is either dead or ill. Upon talking to him he reveals that he believes the his former Reachmen farmhands had placed a curse on him, and asks you to go to their camp in the wilderness and convince them to lift it.

They admit to cursing him, claiming it was justified by his mistreatment of them and alleging that he forced himself on the female employees there; Not surprisingly, they refuse to lift the curse.

Ending 1: By bringing their Disposition up to 90, you can convince them that he's learned his lesson and therefore the curse should be lifted. Return to the farmer and he'll thank you and give you some gold for the trouble.

Ending 2: The player sides with the Reachmen, returning to threaten/convince the farmer to apologize to the Reachmen, promising to treat them better and such. Returning to the Reachmen to tell them the news, the Reachmen lift the curse and give the player an Amulet (I'd suggest nothing unique, just some mid-level Reachmen enchanted object that you can find on mid-high level Reachmen enemies).

Ending 3: Kill the Reachmen. Upon returning, the farmer's wife informs you that the curse took his life too, and she shall shun you from there on out (no reward).

Ending 4: Kill the farmer, doing so will land you a Bounty (if you aren't careful), but returning to the Reachmen will land you the amulet as well as a unique, Reachmen spell.

A Miner Investment

Player can encounter a foreman in the tavern who says that he's out of work. He believes the local rumors that there's a relatively untouched mine nearby, the entrance to which was buried in a rockslide a while ago. He tasks the player with finding it and promises to pay them. After locating the mine and returning to the foreman, the player is asked to invest (1,000?) gold into the foreman's venture to buy supplies, hire miners, etc. Alternatively, the player can find miners and equipment to reduce the necessary investment (the foreman is clearly overestimating the costs...). After waiting a number of days, the debris is disabled, the mine is opened, and the player has to clear out some baddies inside. The foreman rewards the player by giving them some amount of ore/gold every two weeks, either through dialogue or a container in the mine.


Painting Bloody Fleas

Falkirstad misc quest

A Nord and member of the Snow-Talon Clan in Falkirstad is an aspiring painter, often wandering the wilderness with a healthy brew in hand for inspiration for his art. A few days ago he was attacked by a mysterious beast. He claims to have slain it with his grandfather's axe - and is in the process of painting the beautiful scene of his bloody axe jammed into the torso of the beast. However, he's become increasingly isolated, claiming to "need peace and quiet to perfect this masterpiece!" and such. The player is asked by the chieftain to investigate, as he has other matters to attend to at the moment. Upon searching his house at night, you discover that the beast was in fact a Wereboar - and the transformation is complete. Kill the Wereboar, get reward.

Quest epilogue, optional continuation of the quest after it's already ended: Smart players can find his axe out in the wilderness (he dropped it during the encounter) through the clues left in his dialogue about where he was at the time (should you question him). Bringing the axe to the Chieftain grants you additional gold, some very nice faction rep with the Snow-Talon Clan, and a shiny universal Reputation point.


Deeds of a Farmer

Druadach Highlands misc quest (DH03)

A Redguard farmer has set himself up in a ruined settlement site (ruined hamlet, only needs 2 or 3 ruined small buildings), he/she has their own house (whatever our equivalent is to a vanilla shack, the interior shouldn't take more than an hour or two to make... at least that's my intention), a chicken or two, and about 4 or 6 crops total... as I really don't want to add too much to the workload of the quest. The farmer should be on the eastern side of Dragonstar (not in or next to the city, but on the Skyrim side of the Druadach Highlands).

Jarla Jona, or one of her suboordinates, is concerned that this unknown person is living off Reach Hold land without proper authorization - which can only lead them to assume they are a Sogat agent (their supposed familiarity with the Crown Prince is further evidence in the Jarla's eyes). Upon confronting them, they tell the player that they have a deed and are there legally. They show the player the deed, and it's a deed from the Crown Prince's, NOT the Jarla.

The player has the following options to deal with the quest:
1. Convince the Jarla to give them the proper deed due to it being a simple misunderstanding through persuasion.
2. Tell them to GTFO of The Reach Hold until they go through the proper channels (the Jarla, not the Crown Prince).
3. Frame them as a Sogat or Sogat sympathizer and get them thrown in jail.
4. Kill them and tell the Jarla that they attacked you.

This would either be used as an early DS plot quest to establish the border dispute & legality of the situation, or as a mid-plot quest to break up the plot a bit & give an excuse for the player to be out of the city for off-screen shenanigans to happen.

Currently Untitled, "Bear King Dead Draugr" or BKDD for now


The grandfather of the current Bear Clan's Chieftain, Jurger Bear-Heart ("Lord Jurger" in Arena, ruler of Amber Guard which is Karthgad for us), resides in the Bear Clan Ancestral Barrow named "Bergarajh". Jurger has awoken, and the Bear Clan's Chieftain asks the player to put him back to sleep the most Nordic way possible.

Soul Searching

Wilderness Misc Quest


"You enter an ancient nordic barrow with the intent of summoning and then soul trapping an ancient nordic hero to use his spirit to power a new weapon. He refuses saying his great deeds have earned him a place in sovngarde. you can choose to let him rest or exploit his soul for (UNLIMITED POWWAAAAAAAA)."

Lost Goat

Karthwasten Misc Quest


"There's a farmer by the name Korid who lives in NW Karthwasten, and he has quite a decent farm with goats. If a PC meets this character, he will tell that some of his most favorite goats got lost, and he is afraid that the poor animal might fell from the cliff because of the breach in western wall of the city. He will beg the PC for help, and suggests to ask the guard who patrols the cliff near the outside of western wall. Once further investigate the deal, PC will talk with the said guard. He will tell that he heard some goat sounds down the cliff and also saw some human silhouette at night, which quickly disappeared though. Then, PC carefully climbs down the cliff, and finds tracks of the goat, as well as some other goats, near the entry to Karthwasten Caves.

Further tracking the animals, PC will find an entrance to the cave. And a lone reachman Naighad inside, who will be peaceful (and not attack on sight as atm) and will have some dialogue options. At first, we will reveal that he is an outcast, driven away from his tribe because he murdered his own kin. We will then have an option to start a new minor quest, to persuade matriarch of his tribe to take the outcast back. As for the lost goat, he will tell you that he inhabited this cave for about a few weeks and he had to steal some animals from local farmers for food. Fortunately Korid's goat is yet alive and we will be able to take it back to farmer. And another minor topic, "strange noises" will reveal a hint about the cave. As Naighad lacked the opportunity to climb the cave further and investigate Direnni ruins himself."
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An old quest idea that I would like to expand upon:

In Whiterun, a representative of the Imperial Legion hires the player to investigate what happened to a missing cohort of legionnaires. The soldiers were last seen months ago, travelling from Danstrar to Dunpar, from where they were to meet up with legionnaires from the Whiterun garrison and wage a campaign against Hörme bandits in the northwestern part of the White Plains, around New Teed and Blackmoor. The investigation can start in Dunpar or Danstrar. In Dunpar no one has seen any signs of them, and the Whiterun legionnaires have long since returned back to guard Whiterun, unable to take on the bandits alone. Locals might have hints to what routes they likely took, and what can happen to those inexperienced with shifting mountain weather, avalanches etc.
Travelling to Danstrar and snooping around the in the dingy meadhalls, the player might catch wind of a Nord scout having bragged about leading the soldiers astray. Some detective work will have to be done, in order to find out who the individual is. Eventually tracking him or her down, the player needs to "convince" the culprit to tell what happened, either by force, bribery or other methods. The scout is secretly affiliated with the Hörme, and led the soldiers to a certain death, after which he abandoned them. He tells the player the location he left them.

Now, the player can travel there, trying to find the men. They should be hard to find, and the weather conditions should be almost purely blizzard or snow. The player will eventually come upon the grizzly sight of a camp. Snowed in in a remote (and generally avoided) pass closed off by avalanches, the legionnaires eventually ran out of resources and resorted to cannibalism. Few men are left, most of them have gone completely mad and will attack the player. Calming them or beating them unconscious, the player will be able to talk to them, sharing supplies with them, and eventually escorting them back to Dunpar or Danstrar.

The surviving legionnaires will be shipped off to Cyrodiil asylums, the scout will be long gone, and the Hörme will plaque the population of Whiterun unchecked. (There could be more ways to "solve" this, leading to different conclusions)

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For posterity's sake, these three quests will all be reworked in one way or another. Posting here so we don't lose them:

Goblin Party (placeholder name)
"Someone living out in the wilderness in the Druadach Highlands (probably a farmer of some kind) has been being raided by a small band of Goblins for the past two or three nights. As many of the knights are busy in their various crusades, they are short staffed. Under normal circumstances, this would be a job that the Fighters Guild is hired to do, but as the local FG is boarded up, many of these types of jobs are instead going to the Knightly Order instead. Talk to the NPC, and wait until night comes (or simply talk to him at night and walk outside, either way). a group of goblins attacks and you have to get to exterminating. You may either return to the Knights and get your reward, or investigate the area, goblins, and probe the NPC for context. As it turns out, said NPC has been feuding with a local Orc for awhile now. You can then either return to the Knights and let them deal with the lead themselves, or you can find the Orc, question them, and discover that it was they who sent the goblins after the probably farmer. Kill him or bring him and any evidence you found to Taurus Hall, and if you do bring him in then the commander there will give you a bonus reward on top of the normal reward the Knights would give you."

This but with the reasoning for the knights themselves not going after the Goblins being that the farm is east of DS and as a knightly order serving the crowns of DS they can't legally cross and do it themselves. The client may also be changed to the Ra-Habi Company, though that remains to be seen at this time.

"While out to kill a meddlesome creature, a knight of dragon tooth was slain by said creature. No dead creature means that the job isn't done, and tarnishes the reputation of this elite Knightly Order. Since you've proven yourself capable, you've been tasked to finish what the fallen knight started. Hunt the creature down, kill him, and bring your questgiver proof of his death. You may also deliver an heirloom to their next of kin, whom the creature had taken for himself, though this is entirely optional."

This has been suggested to be rolled into the Alaktol side of the DS main quest, as has the next one. This quest was originally meant to be a giant killing quest, but it was pointed out that there are no giants in The Reach. Perhaps the creature can be a Kreathi Minotaur or Spriggan instead.

"Guarding A Mystery"

"The death of the knight (see previous quest) has called for a funeral, and as the rightful heir to the throne of which the knight served, Prince Alaktol has left the palace to attend. Many of the order have gathered for it, but a few have been left to watch the palace in the prince's absence, along with the usual guards and help. You are a trusted affiliate of the order, and as you had no connection to the knight, you are among those tasked with protecting the palace. Under supervision, of course (just because the order trusts you doesn't necessarily mean the prince does... Yet). You are told to make the rounds by your chaperone, and while you are checking out the palace interiors, you find the dead body of one of the prince's servants. There is a killer afoot, and while your chaperone and the other two or three knights guard the most important parts of the palace (Alaktol's bedchambers, the palace vault, etc), they ask you to do some digging. Talk to everyone, look for clues, and discover the truth - an informant of Jona's was snooping around, looking for important documents, etc, when the now dead servant discovered them. The informant killed them in a panic, and now it is up to you to point out who it is. Who ever you guess, you get Alaktol's favor (if you haven't become his champion already) and your reward. It is left ambiguous as to who actually did the deed, and there should be multiple possibilities. The point of the quest is not for the player to discover the truth, but for the player to choose who lives and who dies. However, there SHOULD be a "right" answer, that the player could reasonably put two and two together to figure out."

This quest has been suggested to be rolled into the Alaktol side of the DS main quest, as has the previous one. As such, this quest may be in need of narrative shuffling a tiny bit - at least in terms of how the quest is received.

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