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Karthwasten Thieves Guild

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Collection of quest ideas:

Just some old ideas of Luxray's salvaged from the old forum:
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- Dilemma for Disarray: Redguard agents seeking to disrupt Karthwasten's daily affairs want to steal some guard schedule or something that sends the people of Karthwasten into disarray. Knowing they themselves are being watched by the Redguard double agent / other Nord informants in the city, they ask for the help of the Karthwasten Thieves Guild to get the item. Potential for 'they asked me to steal it, but I don't know if I really should'. Successful theft would actually weaken KW and give you a bad reward or make something a bit more difficult (maybe more guards are posted around the city or something). Then you could have another quest fixing the whole mess you created!

- Stop Non-Guild Thieves: Reachmen pickpockets in the Poor Quarter are refusing to join the guild and their amateur bungling of day-to-day purse lifting is drawing undue attention to the KW Thieves' Guild. They're pretty bad but are good enough to escape the guards. This just means that there are too many guards around the marketplace now for the TG's liking. Visit them and either get them to join the TG (so they can be properly trained and taxed) or chase them out of town / get them thrown in jail, taking pressure away from the Guild of Thieves. You could even kill them, but that is the worst ending to the quest.

- Extorting the local merchants: The merchants of Karthwasten pay the Thieves' Guild a protection fee so that their store is protected from Guild and non-Guild thieves (why rob a man once when you can get money from him indefinitely?). This is a normal state of affairs in Karthwasten and the Thieves' Guild apply a bit of pressure to merchants to get them to pay up. All is well and good when one day a nasty incident happens; a group of thieves sent to proposition a new merchant to Karthwasten go too far and take the threats to physical violence; they destroy his stock, break his wagons, etc, etc after he refuses to pay. Maybe they even kill him. In any case the TG head honcho learns of this and, though he doesn't want to, has to turn them into the city guard to stop his fellow members getting ideas -- and to make an example that going too far is not tolerated. Being relatively new to the Guild, you should take the evidence to the watch (or some other thing) because none of the men's cothieves will turn them in and the head thief feels very bad about the whole thing. Bonus routes: you tip off the thieves that they are being headhunted and they escape. Maybe there are better quests to be made out of this scenario. I like it though. I think I read some similar state of affairs in a Raymond Feist novel. :P

- Just Too Good A Thief: One of the top thieves in the local Guild has been found dead in the back of an alleyway. The Guildmaster swears that the dead thief was far too good to ever get cornered and killed, so something must be amiss. After investigation of the evidence (the body was obviously dragged to where it was found, he has some redguard dagger in his pocket that he stole, etc etc) you discover that he was killed by redguard insurgency agents. What happened was that the top thief was in the palace stealing this and that when he came across the secret under-KW caves. Whilst he was exploring the cave he was unfortunate enough to encounter Redguard insurgents coming up through the caves to the Redguard Tavern #70. Obviously they didn't want people to know that the caves existed, so they ganged up on him and killed him, then dragged his body to where it was found. Quest ends with the guild discovering the caves but deciding not to use them since it is too dangerous or something.

- Alert the Guild To Free Stuff: an alternate route for the quest I envisioned for the abandoned war hideout cave I am making; it is full of abandoned war supplies. When you discover it you can report its location to the guild rather than to the guy who asked you to find it and the TG thanks you since there is quite a bit of valuable old stuff in there.

- Karthgad Drop Off: A member of the TG ran up to Karthgad, to see if there was anything well-worth pilfering in that village. After taking a few choice items, the thief was noticed by the Karthgad guards and chased out of town. Fortunately, they didn't see his face clearly enough to make him out, but during his escape, the thief had to throw his sack of stolen goods into the wilderness of the Vorndgad Forest in order to evade capture by the guards. The player has to track down the jettisonned bag-o'-loot and bring it back to the TG for a modest reward (twists: maybe the bag of loot doesn't exist, or is full of lesser-quality wares than the thief said, since he was not really expecting anyone to find it and so was hoping to up his thiefly reputation.)

- Direnni Ruin Trouble: A group of archaeologists wanted to visit the Sundered-Towers Direnni Ruin. Not being practically inclined themselves, they contacted the TG to procure a lockpicking expert, since the self-locking doors of the Direnni Holdfasts are infamous Skyrim-wide. However, they haven't paid the Guild for the man's services, and are more interested in examining the ruins (interior or exterior) than heading back to Karthwasten to get the money to pay off the Guild. You as the player have to go to the archaeologists and get a concrete guarantee over the money issue, and if they refuse to pay, you have to steal something valuable relating to their expedition and take it back to Karthwasten after leaving a note explaining what you have done (i.e. We are in karthwasten, come pay us and you can have your Trowel of Aldmeri Inspection +3 back).

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