Karthgad - Two More Quests

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Karthgad - Two More Quests

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Karthgad could stand to have two more quests. This might be more than most settlements its size warrant, but I'd say it's central location in the Reach and status as our mod's first fully fleshed-out settlement gives it reasons to have more.

These two proposals are very simple by design, and are primarily meant to direct players to interesting locations in the Vorndgad Forest.

A Forlorn Barrow
You know the cliffside where the Bear Clan’s ancestral barrow is? To the west, on Karthgad's outskirts? Few know there's actually a second barrow there too, up on the mountaintop. I don't think anyone's been there in years.
Villagers in Karthgad speak of an old barrow that sits atop a nearby mountain. Inquiring further, (add a topic for "been there in years" the villagers will say the place has an ominous reputation, and that someone ought to check it out.

Investigating Bathmvall Barrow, the player will find and kill too vampires. Returning to the village, the villagers will thank the player for the deed and direct him or her to the Thane, who will reward the player. If they player talks to the Bear Clan about the vampires, they'll only scuff and tell him or her to buzz off.
What’s that? You found vampires in Bathmvall? That old barrow up in mountains near the village? How awful! You have our thanks for slaying those foul creatures. You should go the thane for a reward.
Note: Delete the current little secret duplicating the above response.

Blocked From Worship

When spoken to in her home Karthgad's shaman Jolna Bear-Voice will chastise the player for interrupting her rituals, saying offhand that she's had a hard time performing her duties lately because she can't visit Kyne's shrine in the Vorndgad Forest (cell: -106,14). If asked about this, she'll explain that a "foolish" spriggan calling itself Harwyleth has made itself the shrine's guardian and won't let any man or woman approach the sacred site.
Deep in the forest, you can find a little clearing. There is a sacred shrine to Kyne there, built in ancient days. Birds of all kinds gather around the altar, day or night, praising the goddess with their songs.
Note: Reuse this dialogue for the quest and give Jolna Bear-Voice a different response to the Karthgad topic.

Sensing an opportunity, Jolna will ask if the player would make himself or herself useful by killing the pesky creature. No honorable warrior of the Bear Clan would dare defile a sacred shrine of Kyne with bloodshed, but for an outsider with no honor, it would hardly matter.

When confronted, Harwyleth will tell the player that the Bear Clan has fallen into wickedness and does not deserve to worship at Kyne's shrine. The player can either spare the spriggan, enraging Jolna upon return, or do what the shaman had ordered.

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