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Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv01[Unclaimed]

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:43 pm
by Kaiel
Castle Umbranox
Building 01 on this map:

Please use the T_Imp_LegionCyr Set.
Please use the PT Data Addon Version 1
1. Castle Umbanox
a. Countess Millona Umbranox (Colovian, f, noble) Countess-Regent of Anvil, Lord Protector of the Gold Coast. A strong and popular ruler, hobbled by her weak claim on the title in the absence of her husband. Millona is lesser Colovian nobility, an ex-officer in the Imperial Navy and a decorated hero of the Warp. She is a strict, but fair ruler, popular among the common people (more than her missing husband ever was), and she maintains good connections with powers in the Imperial Navy. The country nobility consider her unfit for the throne, and some conspire to remove her.
b. Dairihill (Bosmer, f, noble) Lord Chamberlain of the Countess. A minor noblewoman from Valenwood. Considered a schemer, although she is honest in her personal loyalty to the Countess.
c. Baeralorn (Bosmer, m, necromancer) Court Wizard, member of the Mages Guild. Studies “enlightened” necromancy in the Nibenese fashion. The Umbranox family hails from the central valleys, and has retained some Nibenese quirks such as the retaining of a family necromancer. Baeralorn is subject of some scrutiny by the local Mages Guild and population - people on the western seaboard do not have the same permissive attitude towards necromancy as the easterners (memories of the Usurper).
d. Beatrice Gene (Breton, f, caretaker) Master of the Kitchen.
e. Hamar Lerius (Imperial, m, hunter) Master of the Hunt.
f. Commodore Hasi (Redguard, m, knight) Knight Commodore in the West Navy. A close friend and advisor of Countess Umbranox.
g. Lantin Chaskav (Imp, m, guard) Captain of the Guard. Directs the town guard from his office in the castle.
h. Colin Stedrine (Breton, m, commoner) Servant.
i. Tersius Vaschus (Imp, m, commoner) Servant.
j. Ataria Vaschus (Imp, f, commoner) Servant.
k. About 8 guards spread around the complex.
The exterior file can be found in this thread.
Always use the latest file.

Re: Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv01[Unclaimed]

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:02 pm
by Infragris
Claiming - I'm going to focus on the shell for now in order to test the new additions to the Legion tileset.

Re: Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv01[Infragris]

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:03 pm
by Infragris
Update: shell and some detailing for the main tower done.

Re: Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv01[Infragris]

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:41 pm
by Infragris
Some progress. I know the shell isn't 100% fitting, but the Legion tileset is less than accomodating for that kind of thing. Feel free to offer suggestions if you want.

Re: Anvil Interior Claim PC_i2-Anv01[Infragris]

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:36 pm
by Infragris
Dropping this claim because I'm not doing anything with it and it's only holding everything up. Have at it.