Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-08[Unclaimed]

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Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-08[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:55 am

This claim is to create an interior of a quality, tone, and style consistent with the other interiors created for Anvil Section. The original claim will be included in the thread. The claimant can use as much or as little of the original as they wish, whether only as inspiration or trying to fix the original, as long as a quality result is delivered.

Infragris's notes on the original interior:
This cavern suffers from multiple problems: it is enormous, very dark with no directional lights, goes very deep (possibly engine-breaking), has way too many references (+4000), and contains almost no loot. In other words, it is not a fun place for the player to visit. I'd like to rework this interior by removing some of the superfluous references, splitting the cavern up in two cells, and by adding some gameplay-related conveniences (some ambient lights, loot rewards)
NOTE: multiple enemy types are possible due to the size of the cave: smugglers/bandits on the top level, creatures on the bottom. This place is also referenced in the new Fighters Guild questline as a quest location - eliminating the bandits and fighting the prize beast that dwells in the deep is the capstone for the local questline.
The interior has been split into two cells as mentioned, and some of the references culled, but in my opinion it is still far too massive, and still too dark and empty of interesting details or reward for exploring. I would recommend a large, 2-cell cave with the upper part being smugglers/bandits and creatures on the bottom like Infragris, but a reasonable size, not supporting more smugglers than the population of a minor city.
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