Drugs: Thyrwort [Unclaimed]

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Drugs: Thyrwort [Unclaimed]

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Thyrwort: a thick, fibrous plant common in northeastern Nibenay. The root is cut into slices which are dried into leathery disks, usually stringed together with twine. When chewed, it acts as a potent stimulant. It is common to see laborers, dockworkers, soldiers, etc. chewing on bits of thyrwort during their work - often the same piece for hours on end. The practice is considered unhygienic by the upper classes. While thyrwort has few ill effects (save for staining teeth and gum infection) it is somewhat addictive. "White" thyrwort is considered safe, but rare strains of "red" thyrwort, infected by a fungus during the drying process, can cause the user to experience strange delusions and insomnia.
  • Thyrwort plant: a thick, fibrous plant common to a dense jungle environment.
  • Raw Thyrwort: a white root.
  • Dried Thyrwort: Small white disk, dried and stringed together with twine.
  • Red Thrywort: Same as above, but with red infection

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