Drugs: Indulcet [Unclaimed]

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Drugs: Indulcet [Unclaimed]

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Indulcet: an expensive drug harvested from luminous algae native to the Ruma Floodlands. In appearance it looks like slightly phosphorescent white pearls or fish eggs. Can be consumed raw or pickled in vinegar. Indulcet produces a sense of serenity, relaxing the body and mind, and enhances creativity and appreciation of music and the arts. Some believe it increases virility. Often used by artists and by those who wish to commune with the saints and spirits. Dibellan cults are especially fond of it. Overdoses can lead to spasms and a loss of motor control.
  • Indulcet plant: A kind of underwater algae or weed consisting of a cluster of small, white, phosphorescent spheres, surrounded by slimy leaves.
  • Raw Indulcet: ingredient, cluster of small white spheres
  • Preserved Indulcet: same as above, but in a decorative jar or pot filled with brine.
  • (Optional) Indulcet spoon: a long spoon following the vanilla silverware textures and style. The spoon is just large enough to hold a single Indulcet pearl.

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