Drugs: Somnalius [Unclaimed]

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Drugs: Somnalius [Unclaimed]

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Somnalius: a mangrove fern native to Blackwood and Black Marsh. The fronds, when pulped, act as a sedative. Somnalius tea is often used as a sleeping aid, but it can also be eaten or smoked in a (water)pipe for increased effect. Some cults fashion it in a kind of incense: people under the influence of somnalius smoke become more receptive to suggestions. Excessive dosages have been linked to cases of mass psychosis and hallucinations.
The Somnalius plant and ingredient are already in data, but they should be replaced (the current version is a low-quality retexture of a draggle-tail).
  • Somnalius: container flora, a dark-colored fern.
  • Somnalius Frond: a piece of fern. Can look a little bit dried or pulped up.
  • Somnalius Incense: set of small black-grey crumbs, similar to vanilla moon sugar in size/appearance.

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