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Drugs: Sursum [Unclaimed]

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:58 am
by Infragris
Sursum: a kind of mold, commonly found in humid, dark places in the eastern jungles. A cheap lower-class drug, sometimes cultivated in "mold pots". Usually consumed raw: it is sometimes snorted or smoked, but addicts tend to take the raw mold and rub it on their skin or, in extreme cases, in open wounds. Very popular among laborers, pit fighters, and beggars in the Heartlands. Sursum clouds the mind, but gives a boost in endurance and strength, suppressing feelings of hunger, physical or emotional distress. Prolonged use can lead to permanent nerve damage and gangrene.
  • Sursum Mold: container plant. Can be inspired by the vanilla "green lichen" plant.
  • Sursum: ingredient. A kind of pulp or slime.
  • Mold Pot: container. An artificial incubator for mold. Should look like a large, dirty earthenware pot, with mold growing around the lid or out of air holes.