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Drugs: Aegrotat [Unclaimed]

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:16 am
by Infragris
Aegrotat: a processed alchemical substance which causes sensations of euphoria. Several variations exist, using a mix of Nibenese marsh plants. Some mixes are less reliable than others, and finding a safe producer can be hazardous. Aegrotat looks like a waxy, honey-colored substance, which must be heated and vaporized in a specially designed lamp. Edible versions exist, but are less popular. An expensive drug, in vogue with Heartlander aesthetes, decadent poets, assassins and the more fashionable death-cults. Although various medicinal qualities are attributed to it, Aegrotat is mainly known for causing a sense of bliss and, oddly improving speed and reaction time. Prolonged use causes a mental indifference to the real world, as the user is lost in internal reveries. Some say it can be used to suppress feelings of guilt.
  • Aegrotat: a waxy, honey-colored substance. Look up pictures of opium for inspiration
  • Aegrotat lamp: a kind of fancy looking water-pipe, possibly based on the incense burner object in data.