Drugs: Nux Vomica [Unclaimed]

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Drugs: Nux Vomica [Unclaimed]

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Nux Vomica: more poison than drug, this substance is made from the seeds of the strychnos tree, soaked and boiled in milk to produce a consumable extract. It appears as a milk-like substance, usually in small, decorated bottles. Despite its toxicity, Nux Vomica is praised as a panacea against the dangers of Imperial politics: it is said to dispel common diseases, poisons, and other occupational hazards of Heartlands intrigue. Daily purges with Nux Vomica are a health craze among Heartlands plutocrats fearing poison or venereal diseases. Common side-effects are anxiety, memory problems, dizziness, and vomiting. Prolonged use weakens the blood and can lead to digestion problems or liver failure.
  • Strychnos Tree: (optional) static tree flora. Can be assumed to be imported from the provinces, so this is not required.
  • Strychnos Seeds: (optional) ingredient. Small seed pods.
  • Nux Vomica: a small, expensive-looking vial, either opaque or containing a white, milk-like substance.

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