Bosmer Trading Goods [unclaimed]

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Bosmer Trading Goods [unclaimed]

Post by roerich » Sat May 18, 2019 3:24 pm

Bosmer Trading Goods: A set of ingredients, weapons and misc items exported from Valenwood and sold on markets bordering Valenwood. Could also be used to give native Bosmer interiors in the Anvil and Skingrad ghettoes more character.

The First Pocket Guide to the Empire gives us the following inspirations:
"Though they are excellent archers, the Green Pact forces their bowyers and fletchers to use bone or similar materials, or to buy bows and arrows from other cultures. The use of woodcrafts created by another race is not forbidden, nor is the sale of their own Valenwood timber as long as it is collected by a non-Bosmeri.

"The Wood Elves, of course, cannot smoke anything of a vegetable nature. Bone pipes are common, however, and are filled with caterpillars or tree grubs.

"At the trading posts of the Empire, the Wood Elves become very happy. Some creations of carpentry delight them to no end. Most of it has never occurred to them. They bring their own trade items: hides, river pearls, finger-bone charms made from the still-magically-charged hands of their dead wizards. They often buy woodcrafts that they have no use for or whose use they never bother to find out. Some of the bravest Wood Elven warriors use wagon wheels as shields, or as (they think) impressive headgear.
A list of Bosmer trade goods could include the following [quoted parts are from Infragris' trade document]:
  • Bone bows. "Like the Altmer, the Bosmer specialize in the creation of high-quality bows: the Bosmeri Wenbone shortbow is prized by hunters across the continent. Lesser bows of bone and horn are also exported in large quantities."
  • Bone arrows.
  • Bone pipe.
  • "Bug tobacco" pouch.
  • Hides (could be a bundle, like the T_Nor furpacks.) Might also be a good idea to have some general ideas for Valenwood animals behind this. Could be cut in favor of the following:
  • Kimeric leather. "Of note is so-called Kimeric Leather, a catch-all term for leathers derived from the many bizarre and unusual beasts that roam the Valenwood jungles. As such beasts are often composites of more well-known animals, their skins tend to combine aspects of other types - the smoothness of goatskin with the hardiness of boarhide, etc. This makes them a valued commodity for leatherworks."
  • River pearls. "Among the slightly more esoteric products of this province are river-pearls, produced by Yeia-Kollops, a kind of native hybrid kollop-crabs which are also held for their kollop-meat, and magically charged mortal remains such as finger-bone charms."
  • Bone amulets, river pearl necklaces
  • Enchanted finger-bone charms/amulets [note: Cicero might be working on these]. Could use 2-3 different models, or unique artifacts based on the concept.
  • Ivory and/or bone clutter (cups, bowls, tankards, cutlery, flasks)
  • Musk tinctures. "A small, but notable industry is the rendering of musk tinctures of various exotic beasts. Such tinctures are used as remarkably pungent perfumes by some Bosmer, but have recently become in vogue at the Imperial Court, where they are blended into ever more complex perfumes for the upper nobility."
  • Weija. "Of note is also Weija, a silk-like product derived from a sort of spider-hybrid encountered deep in the Valenwood forests. Used to make common cloth since time immemorial, Weija has recently come to the attention of the Imperials, where it’s unorthodox origins have caused some controversy."
  • Beeswax. A globally usable ingredient, but included here since we lack it. Honey already exists in data. "Beekeeping is also a profitable business in the south, where large swarm-farms produce wax and honey for the foreign market."
This is a long list, but feel free to suggest addtions and changes.

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Post by Leyawynn » Wed May 22, 2019 2:29 pm

River pearl

Thanks to R-Zero for fixing up the mesh
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