Ayleid Sorceror-King[joaonasc]

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Ayleid Sorceror-King[joaonasc]

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The Ayleid Sorceror-Kings were the undisputed tyrants of old Ayleidoon. Their power was based on knowledge of the Dawn Magics and on pacts with the Daedric Princes, in which they would sacrifice thousands of slaves in return for strange and unsettling abilities. Their gifts warped the Sorcerors physically and mentally, until they were barely recognizable as human: many Ayleid kings would deliberately change themselves to look more like birds, cultivating claw-shaped feet, beaks, and feather-like growths. Others went further, implanting rows of extra eyes, multiple limbs, or other strange perversions. Sorceror-kings reside only in the deepest crypts of the grandest cities, where they rest in their live-bringing sarcophagi (the Ayleids, for all their power, never quite figured out a proper way to become a Lich).

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