AS Thieves Guild Endcap - The Masqued Captain's Quest [Design]

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AS Thieves Guild Endcap - The Masqued Captain's Quest [Design]

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This quest should only become available when the player has completed both the Anvil and Charach Thieves Guild questlines, and achieved the highest rank possible (in AS release) in the Cyrodiil TG. Either the Arenthian or Caspus Quillan will direct the player up to Olvos Isle when these conditions are met, to "speak with the Captain" for another job.

The Masqued Captain is secretly the missing King Claudius of Anvil, and also the Grey Fox, chairman of the Board the the Thieves Guild. Neither of these facts will be revealed to the player, however. The Masqued Captain will commend the player on their good work in the Abecean. (If the player is Master Thief of Vvardenfell, he might obliquely hint at being "the Fox" and acknowledge your status).

The Captain tells the player that a he believes there to be a priceless Varla Stone in the depths of Garlas Malatar, a sprawling Ayleid citadel on the coast near the Anvil/Sutch border. The depths of the ruin are blocked by stone and rubble, however, and the Captain believes that looters have been prevented from accessing the lower reaches as a result. He asks the player to use flashgrit to blow a pathway through the rubble in Carac Abaran, the lowest cell of the ruin, and retrieve the Varla Stone. (The player likely already has flashgrit from the Charach TG questline -- otherwise, more can be bought/stolen). Unbeknownst to the Captain, the lower parts of Carac Abaran are still inhabited by the powerful sorcerer-king Massalamir Thousand-Hands, one of the Big Bosses of Abecean Shores. The player must fight Massalamir for the Varla Stone, then return to the Captain for a unique boon: the signet ring of King Claudius Conomorus.

If the player brings the signet ring to Queen Millona, she'll be very grateful, and give the player a cash reward and a royal longsword.
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