Anvil - Abecette Fight Pit Questline [Unclaimed]

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Anvil - Abecette Fight Pit Questline [Unclaimed]

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Claim for the Abecette fight pit. Unlike the other arenas, all the fighters at the Abecette are employees of the casino, who maintain stage personas for the semi-kayfabe fights in the pit. In joining the fray, the player becomes one of these fighters, and is asked to play either a "face" persona called "the Pilgrim" or a "heel" persona called "the Brigand" to participate in the "storytelling" of the ring. If the player chooses the Pilgrim, they'll be given a Colovian Lamellar helm (with Reman face for men and Alessia face for women characters). If the player chooses to be the Brigand, you'll instead get a Strident Chain coif. Whatever you choose, the managers ask that you wear the helm to conceal your face whenever you are fighting in character (but any armor and weapons are fine). In the event that the player is a beast race who can't wear closed helms, the manager gives you a different persona entirely: "the Creature".

For the best gameplay, the managers would like to have the Pilgrim/the Brigand/the Creature have a meteoric rise as a new fighter in the scene, to be cheered/jeered by the fans. This means that you still need to beat everybody. And because this is Tamriel, they're not going to throw the fights.

Fights stop short of the opponent’s and player’s death. NPCs you face in the arena should be able to be spoken to before and after fighting them (unless they have died). The pit manager will give a player a short summary of their opponent before sending you into the pit, and announce the fight dramatically to the audience.

Fight I: Willy the Unbitten
Willy the Unbitten is a Bosmer warrior character who purports to be the brother of Willy the Bitten, an infamous creature of the Wild Hunt known even in Cyrodiil. He wears a full suit of Bosmer wenbone armor and fights with throwing knives and a shortsword.

Fight II: Yenna
Yenna is a face character who models her persona on Saint Sed-Yenna, a popular Reman-era saint associated with Dibella. Like her namesake, the patron of unarmored combat, Yenna fights in only her clothes with an enchanted iron staff.

Fight III: Snake
Snake is a character whose persona is a parody of Tsaesci-obsessed Nibenese elites (from a Colovian perspective). She's a battlemage with a tattooed face and a katana, who wears a full suit of newtscale armor beneath her Nibenese robes.

Fight IV: Harge the Large
Harge the Large is a face character popular with the fans. He's a Nord barbarian who plays up the aesthetic, fighting unarmed with an axe and claiming to be the bastard son of a giantess. (Harge should be a rare case of scaling up an NPC - something like 1.2x might be good). At the end of this fight, the player should have the chance to dramatically proclaim Harge's honor as a warrior if you're playing the Pilgrim, setting up a future team-up.

Fight V: The Knight of Cups
The Knight of Cups is introduced as a disgraced hedge knight who betrayed her liege lord, and now fights only for the thrill of steel and lust for gold. The Knight wears a full suit of steel armor to conceal her face and uses Breton heater shield #6.

Fight VI: The Corsairs
The Corsairs are a pair of Redguard faces, a man and a woman, whose personas are designed to mimic the heroic ideal of the Redguard marauder. They both wield cutlasses and Rga clothes and armor. One is a Sailor class, the other a Rogue.

Fight VII: Armiger
Armiger is a Dunmer warrior whose persona is a rough approximation of an Ashlander and a Buoyant Armiger in one (or at least, what the average Cyrodiil thinks such people are like). She wears netch and glass armor, and fights with an ebony sword.

Fight VIII: King Thousand Hands
King Thousand Hands is a heel character, an Altmer who parodies Massalamir Thousand-Hands (the legendary sorcerer-king of Garlas Malatar) who wears a Saliache headress and likes to say dramatic and haughty things about the eternal supremacy of the elves over the lowly men of Cyrodiil. To the delight of the crowd, the player will be joined by Harge the Large for this fight, who will declare his willingness to fight alongside anyone to see the dastardly elven scourge laid low.

Fight XI: Warlord Wortgog
Warlord Wortgog is a thinly-veiled parody of King Gortwog of Orsinium, and he leans hard into the act. (No shirt, no shoes, no problem.) Warlord Wortgog is a crowd favorite (Anvil is largely supportive of the cause of Orsinium), and he hasn't ever lost a fight -- that is, until he meets you. He is a very tough opponent, and fights with an enchanted orcish greataxe.

Fight X: Takhur the Terrible
Takhur is an Imga brawler who relishes being the biggest, toughest heel in the fight pit. She wears mismatched armor and fights with her fists, which she has named Black and Blue (after the bruises on her opponents' faces when she's done with them). She's a tough fight. When defeated, a character playing the Brigand or the Creature can "join forces" with her for the championship battle.

Championship Fight: Nightingale
The final battle is for an enchanted golden sword called the Sword of the Sunrise, which serves as the trophy for the Abecette fight pit. The player may join with Harge the Large or Takhur the Terrible depending on their persona to fight the final enemy: "Nightingale", a caricature of the ultimate heel Jagar Tharn. Nightingale is a Bosmer conjurer with an evil-looking face who fights alongside summoned daedra.
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Post by Revane »

This .esp changes the quest in the Anvil TG that involves the fight pit so that it's about Willy the Unbitten instead, and also creates that NPC. This version was made by Knobel, based on my earlier version.

It should be merged to Cyr_main before work on this claim starts, so you can edit Willy and plan around the quest (journal entries PC_q2_Anv_TG04 and PC_q2_Anv_TG04_B).
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