Fort Strand NPCs and General Dialogue[Kaiel]

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Fort Strand NPCs and General Dialogue[Kaiel]

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This is a claim to create the NPCs of Fort Strand in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main
-Latest PC_Anvil
Do not rename the interior cells.

NPCs by interior:
Fort Strand
I. Nerialus(Imperial, m, scout): Courier/Scout that runs messages to nearby forts/anvil. Injured on the way from
Ii. Midrago(Khajiit, m, archer):Trainer. Practicing at the range.
Iii. Gulazu gra-Lurnakh(Orc, f, smith): Oversees the miners running the refinery in the yard.
Iv. Miners x3: Operating the refinery in the yard.
V. Guard: guarding the miners/refinery.
I. Oggrab gro-Illip(Orc, m, smith): Repair service and merchant.
Ii. Tiranius(Imperial, m, drillmaster): Sparring, trainer in Athletics, Medium Armor, and Spear.
III. Mirya(Redguard, f, warrior): Sparring.
Commander’s Chamber
I. Sapillius Tarvetius(Imperial, m, knight): Older legionnaire, practically retired to the Fort, which is mostly a cushy administrative outpost for supplying the legion with iron and forwarding recruits to Fort Ontus, as opposed to the relatively safe but still militarily minded border forts. Knight Bachelor.
Gate Tower
I. Noreil(Bosmer, m, scout): Lookout.
Ii. (Imperial, f, guard): Lookout.
General Quarters
I. Euratta(Imperial, f, spellsword): Second in command of the fort, early quest-giver for the local legion quests and manages the day to day operations of the fort. Place near the entrance.
Ii. Infaltril(Altmer, m, scribe): Courier, runs messages to and from the mine. Place in archive.
Iii. Githel(Bosmer, f, drillmaster): Trainer in long blade, axe, and short blade. Place in training area above barracks.
Iv. Calvendrus(Imperial, m, warrior):Legionnaire.
V. Nizsha (Ohmes-raht, f, warrior): Legionnaire.
Miners' Quarters
I. Miners x2
Ii. Matrav(Colovian, m, ): Durcanius' assistant of the mine guards. Not present, in the Coal pit at Strand Mine.
III. Durcanius Pugnitus(Imperial, m, agent): Curia administrator of the mine, works from his office here, while his assistant takes care of on-site issues in the Coal Pit office.
I. 4 guards( 1 in front desk, 2 patrolling, 1 in quarters)
Stendarr Chapel
I. (Imperial, m, healer service): Imperial Cult acolyte and priest of Stendarr. Sells restoration spells.
II. Ceryl(Redguard, f, alchemist): Sells potions and ingredients, trainer in alchemy, speechcraft, and acrobatics.
III. (Bosmer, m, miner): Injured miner, recovering here.
Iv. (Colovian, m, miner): Injured miner, recovering here.
West Lookout Tower
i. Borzal gra-Urkhub(Orc, f, guard): Lookout.

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