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Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:57 pm
by Luxray
You know the cliffside where the Bear Clan’s ancestral barrow is? To the west, on Karthgad's outskirts? Few know there's actually a second barrow there too, up on the mountaintop. I don't think anyone's been there in years.
Villagers in Karthgad speak of an old barrow that sits atop a nearby mountain. Inquiring further, (add a topic for "been there in years" the villagers will say the place has an ominous reputation, and that someone ought to check it out.

Investigating Bathmvall Barrow, the player will find and kill too vampires. Returning to the village, the villagers will thank the player for the deed and direct him or her to the Thane, who will reward the player. If they player talks to the Bear Clan about the vampires, they'll only scuff and tell him or her to buzz off.
What’s that? You found vampires in Bathmvall? That old barrow up in mountains near the village? How awful! You have our thanks for slaying those foul creatures. You should go the thane for a reward.
Note: Delete the current little secret duplicating the above response.

After discussion on Discord vampires to be Khulari "A Redguard vampire clan specific to the Reach in SHOTN". Intelligent vampires who probably talk to you and offer vampirism in exchange for something if you wish. Maybe they could talk about what its like to be a Vampire in the West.

Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:57 pm
by Luxray
claimed as per Discord

Texafornian: "These vamps are unusual in that they'll be neutral if the PC is a Khulari vampire or a non-vampire (but will quickly aggro if you turn down a deal). Maybe you could work in an angle where they offer to confer vampirism on the PC for a price? I haven't added the infection script yet btw"

Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:43 am
by Violet
Some things that I'd like to see (specifically within the dialogue):

The head vamp of the clan is the Ancient Vampire, Elonasia Khulari. She has strong ties to Mannimarco, but is not herself a member of the The Necromancers (but is on very good terms with them). I would suggest a line or two about her, but that might be best left for when the clan is made in full (I'll leave it up to the claimant). The clan's base is in Sundered Hills, and I'd suggest the reason for these ones being in Vorndgad instead of Sundered Hills or western Mhorlan March is because they're trying to expand the Khulari territory (whether that's with or without Elonasia's permission is up to the claimant).

Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:26 am
by Luxray
This is not quite yet ready for playtesting. It's somewhat playable but lots needing work

- sky_qRe_KG4a_QstRing_sc is broken
- Kovdovda does not appear yet in cattle form when chosen as the target.
- Vamp npc's doubled in Bathmvall (merging fix)
- Player does not yet contract vampirism at the end of first quest (For now set Journal sky_qre_kg4a_cattle 10 to progress)
- needs integrating with Texa's vamp scripts.
- StartCombat seems unreliable with Tamarik aggro'ing and the other one not aggro'ing (Doubled npc problem?)
- ring values need changing and possibly enchants added
- BathRing needs proper positioncell and not hacky coc
- tamarik has bugged greeting at stage 55 quest 1
- havent tested the global ambush script
- gorvda gives you sweet FA reward for killing the vamps

I'll finish this tomorrow
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Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:20 pm
by Luxray
Alright, ready for playtesting with the following caveats

- the global ambush script is broken (Texafornian please rescue us). You can still do the quest. There is just no penalty for taking as long as you like currently.
- Vamp NPCs may be doubled
- i edited your vamp scripts Texa to trigger the journal update on vampirism, this may need changing to cover edge cases that you could be more cognisant of than than I. Its current implementation was because I reasoned you are not going to catch Khulari-ism outside of these NPCs currently and if you are fighting them, you are getting the fighting path anyway.
- there is currently no Sky_Khulari faction (could be implemented later)
Clean Sky_qRe_KG04_Forlorn.ESP
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edit: I think I also forgot to add the edge case for where you meet the vampires before getting the Karthgad rumour. :cold_sweat: If you get stuck in that regard, search for 'little secret' in Karthgad until the quest fires off.
edit2: Not currently sure about the ownership flags of all the loot in Bathmvall so you may currently be able to rob the place blind.

Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:37 pm
by Texafornian

Re: Karthgad Quest "A Forlorn Barrow" sky_qre_kg04_Forlorn [Luxray]

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:28 pm
by Texafornian
Merged into Sky_Main

- Touched up the scripts
- Added an additional journal ID (65) that fires if the player is outside of the Reach after two days pass. It stops the ambush script