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KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 9:09 am
by Charger24
Posting this WIP here because people asked on discord; it's not done.

This is a new Mages Guild for Karthwasten, since it didn't have one.

The Guildhall sits on the current location of Selenya's Mage shop, which has been moved to DSE. Relevant local dialogue has been updated, though per conversation on discord I may add a couple of lines to further flesh out the Davanna situation. Vern provided a very nice building shell to work from, which I was very grateful for while doing the int. The finished (and reviewed by Vern) int is included in the attached file. File also includes the new NPCs, the aforementioned dialogue updates in the city, and a new teleport pad + Guild Guide NPC at the DSW MG hall, which strangely did not have one. There's some ext work done around the Guildhall and Selenya's new location, but that will probably need to be properly handled at merge - assuming this all gets OK'd for inclusion.

Ji'Tavarad - Ohmes-Raht Mage (Wizard)
  • Guildmaster. A talented mage, but somewhat lacking in political skill. Likes the high life of being an Important Person in Karthwasten, and wants the Guild to be a more prominent institution in the region, despite having few real local connections.
Nistamal - Redguard Battlemage (Magician)
  • A bastion of competence in the Guild, and a good friend of the late former guildmaster. Often teaches classes for Guild members and other interested locals.
Rulat gra-Khagim - Orc Alchemist (Conjurer)
  • Resident Guild alchemist, and a friendly ear.
Ravos Terandas - Dunmer Enchanter (Evoker)
  • Ravos has been assigned to Karthgad as part of a quixotic mission to build rapport with the locals and boost the status of the Guild. Ravos routinely writes fabricated tales of his overwhelming success to Ji'Tavarad, but is actually living in squalor in Nauk gra-Olad's attic.
Irgas - Redguard Guild Guide (Evoker) and Havild Mild-Heart - Nord Healer (Apprentice)
  • Up-and-coming Guild members (think Ajira and Galbedir, without the rivalry)

The Karthwasten Mages Guild has not suffered the slow decline of its cousin in Dragonstar, and in fact has been able to prosper somewhat since the Concordat thanks to the efforts of its former Guildmaster, whose effectiveness as a politician and mage alike won the chapter much local respect in the city itself, among all its resident demographics. Unfortunately, this exceedingly competent former guildmaster died in Jona's siege of the city, leaving the chapter in the hands of the much less practical Ji'Tavarad. Though a skilled mage, Ji'Tavarad is as sheltered as his predecessor was seasoned, and rarely leaves the guildhall. It is up to the PC to determine to what extent his well-intentioned but haphazard efforts to build up the MG in the Reach will be realized.


Quest I: Optimistic Outreach - Finished!
  • Ji'Tavarad asks the PC to deliver some scrolls to Ravos Terandas in Karthgad, and to return with Ravos' latest progress report. The PC quickly realizes via local dialogue that Ravos is not popular around town, with opinions ranging from mild irritation from Thane Gorvda to outright hostility from the Bear Clan. The only person who seems to tolerate him is Nauk gra-Olad, who is letting Ravos live in her attic. The PC can deliver the scrolls, or tell Ravos what you think of him and just keep them. After getting Ravos' report from him, the PC can bring it to Ji'Tavarad without comment or alert him that things are not quite as described within. If the PC chooses the latter, Ji'Tavarad will thank the PC for their diligence but apparently brush off the issue. The PC is rewarded with some potions, plus the scrolls if you kept them.
Quest II: Out for a Spell - Finished!
  • Having acquired a book on Reachmen from a passing Evermore trader, Ji'Tavarad has come across a description of a fantastical Reachman spell called "Marrelaeth". The book is dubious, but the spell's Restoration effects seem interesting, so the guildmaster asks the PC to track down information on the spell, beginning by asking Reachmen around town. Asking around gets the PC to Cravvoka, who speculates that it could be Braign-magic. Cravvoka urges the PC to ask Caotir, a Braignan witch at Criaglorc. Caotir, of course, has never heard of this spell, and speculates that it's likely an invention of the book's Breton author. The PC can return here to a disappointed Ji'Tavarad, who will give some gold for your trouble. Alternatively, the player can ask Caotir to provide an alternate spell to bring back to the Guild. Caotir is hesitant, but agrees to teach the player a Braign spell if the PC does a service for the Braign matriarch, Muirach. Muirach asks the PC to recover a magic gemstone called the Penumbra from Hrakja Cavern beneath Saern on Briag Cnoss. Upon recovery, the PC learns a new spell that approximates the book description. The PC can bring this new spell to Ji'Tavarad as "Marrelaeth", or honestly explain the situation (with a lesser reward for the latter option).
Quest III: A Case for Concern - Finished!
  • The Mages Guild has been contracted to lend its expertise in a dispute between two merchants over a large case of fine rare silk at the Karthwasten Bazaar. Somehow, at some point in the goods' transit, the case acquired several times as much cloth. The PC is asked to speak with Francio Azarius, a member of the Barristers Guild who is litigating this case on behalf of Thane Fomir. The offending package's recipient, a Breton merchant named Pelbelle, claims to be entitled to the full contents of the case, having paid for "a case of wrapped silk". Since the seller, Rissoc, hasn't lost anything, she doesn't feel like he's been cheated. Rissoc contests this, claiming ownership over the valuable extra silk mysteriously added in transit, and claiming to be the victim of a foiled attempt at fraud. The PC must hear both sides of the story, and offer an explanation to Azarius. Depending on the PC's description, the case will be decided by Thane Formir in favor of one party or the other. Alternatively, the PC can acknowledge that there is little real evidence in either party's favor, and convey no recommendation (which disappoints Ji'Tavarad).
Quest IV: A Crisis of Character - Finished!
  • Ji'Tavarad again asks the PC to visit Karthgad, this time to defuse the increasingly tense situation there. Ravos, it seems, tried to win over the hostile local Nords by selling potions for the Bear Clan. Unfortunately, Ravos is no alchemist, and the Bear Clan thinks he's cheated them by selling worthless potions. The PC has a number of options. Thane Gorvda considers Ravos a political liability and wants him gone, but will negotiate with the player to maintain a non-permanent Guild presence at Karthgad, represented by Havild Mild-Heart (who will move to her meadhall). Alternatively, the PC can just agree to force Ravos out without a replacement. Either way, Ravos is reluctant to leave, despite his living conditions, and to force his departure the PC must either blackmail Ravos with threats of revealing his duplicity to Ji'Tavarad or convince him his life is at risk. Ji'Tavarad will be disappointed in the PC if Havild does not replace Ravos, and will give less of a reward.
Quest V: Turbulent Teleporting - Finished!
  • Ever since the war, the Dragonstar Guild of Mages has been cut off from the Guild Guide network that once connected it to Karthwasten and the rest of the Northern Tomba. Karthwasten's Guild moved to the Skyrim network upon the signing of the Concordat and its annexation into Skyrim proper, and Ji'Tavarad hopes to persuade both the DSW MG and the Imperials manning the border that Dragonstar should again be connected to its sister city via Guild Guide. Obviously, this is no straightforward proposition. Eranthos is loath to ignite a political conflict that could further damage her ailing chapter, and the Empire fears that opening up MG traffic across a contested border will destabilize the situation. The PC must negotiate with Prince Alak'tol, Thane Fomir, and Gorelius (the C&E officer at the wall), though will pointedly be told *not* to consult Jona. Eventually, the PC can reach an arrangement wherein an Guild member named Marcurio Ampis enforces the travel papers restriction on incoming travelers, and the Guild itself agrees to permit only independent travelers not affiliated with either faction. May require significant bribes to the very corrupt Gorelius.

    Activators will clean up the dusty and cobweb-ridden DSW teleport pad when it becomes active. Also, if the player succeeds, Ji'Tavarad is assassinated by Jarla Jona, and Nistamal becomes the new guildmaster.
Quest VI: The Penumbra - Finished!
  • The Guild has been contracted again, this time by Thane Fomir himself. The small village of Ruari southeast of Karthwasten was burnt to the ground during the war, and the Thane wants to boost his case for promotion to Jarl by resettling the place and restoring it to prosperity. Unfortunately, Ruari is full of hostile ghostly apparitions. The Thane wants them driven out or destroyed. When the PC investigates, however, a secret is revealed: during the war, the shadow mage Pergan Asuul used the sacked village to fuel his powers and that of the Umbra' Keth. The Penumbra from quest 2 (a nod to the Shadow of Conflict) contains a shadow-reflection of the village. The "ghosts" are variously insane or amnesiac about what happened. The PC won't actually visit the disappeared village inside the gem, but one of the "ghosts" - actually the physical manifestation of a very-much-alive villager - explains the situation. Through the villager, the PC discovers that the destroying the Penumbra will restore the town. The PC can take it back to Rulat and immerse it in a mix of various ingredients. Activators then restore the village to existence, villagers and all. Ji'Tavarad rewards the PC with a handsome reward from a thrilled Thane Formir.

    Alternatively, the PC can just kill all the ghosts for some easy money.
I hope this is all decent. Criticism and feedback welcome.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:32 am
by Charger24
Uploaded the latest versions of both files. The quests file is cleaned of everything but the first two (finished) quests, so as not to clutter up my quest showcase. I tested all the quest paths, and it should be completely playable using both files and Sky_Main.

Some notes:
  • The Hidden Chest in Hrakja Cavern is supposed to replace the ordinary chest in its position in Sky_Main, so you might have to disable the one that's there to get to the new one if using the .esp.
  • The Penumbra will eventually have a magic effect for quest #6, but for now it's an ordinary misc item.
  • Doors don't work yet into the MG building, so coc to "Karthwasten, Guild of Mages" to start the quests and to return there.
  • The main file with the int stuff changes the DSW MG, but you don't need to load the DS sectionfile to test because it won't need it until quest #5.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:37 am
by Charger24
Updated again, quest file now includes quest #3 as well.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:49 am
by Charger24
Another update. Now finished through quest 4.

One of the endings to quest 4 is not working right (the one where you let Ravos die), but I'm going to fix it later or get rid of that quest path.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:24 am
by Texafornian
Review as of 6/16/20 upload:

Focusing only on some surface-level stuff.
- The T_ prefix for IDs is reserved solely for base T_D assets and needs to be replaced. After fixing the IDs, I recommend using MWEdit or the search function in the CS to replace all dialogue results references to the incorrect IDs.

- The IDs should be Sky_qRe_KW_MG0x_..., but this isn't a major issue. Changing it would be nice, but would require manually going back through dialogue results and scripts. Changing journal, NPC, container, item, etc. IDs will automatically update any associated dialogue filters so that saves a lot of work.

- Potion T_Nor_Potion_Useless needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_Potion or Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_UselessPotion.
- Container T_SkyCom_Var_Cr2BadPotn needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_PotionCrate.
- Book T_Bk_LostAndFoundInTheReach needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_MG02_Book or something similar.
- Book T_Note_RavosReport needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_KW_MG01_Report.
- Container T_SkyNor_Furn_UNI_Penum needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_Penum.

- T_Rea_Res_Marrelaeth needs to be renamed to Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_Spell or something similar.

- ID Sky_iRe_KG_Ravos -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_Ravos

Scripting/Dialogue Results:
- Script IDs should be identical to the object they're attached to, but with a _sc suffix.
- ID Sky_qRe_KWMG_02_PenumbraChest -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_Penum_sc
- ID Sky_qRe_KWMG_04_BadPotionsCrate -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_PotionCrate_sc
- ID T_ScBook_Sky_RavosReportScript -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG01_Report_sc
- ID T_ScNPC_Sky_MoveHavild -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_Havild_sc
* This is a local script so the four SHOTN NPC variables (and Sky_NoLore?) are missing here.
* This is a local script so StopScript doesn't do anything and should be removed. Instead, add a "doOnce" check to stop the script from positioncell'ing more than once.
- ID T_ScNPC_Sky_MoveRavos -> Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_Ravos_sc
* This is a local script so the four SHOTN NPC variables (and Sky_NoLore?) are missing here.
* This is a local script so StopScript doesn't do anything and should be removed. Instead, add a "doOnce" check to stop the script from positioncell'ing more than once.

- Four dirty entries in Greeting 6: 270378682313312956, 13027136725825953, 21745550035610, 273172275634898302
- Two dirty entries in "duties": 16599210672526718431, 4919278962589523241
- The ID-specific entries in Greeting 6 need to be moved to between the Karthwasten placeholders in Greeting 5.
- Thoughts as to having unique dialogue inside the KW MG interior for member and non-member? This would be a departure from vanilla, but extra dialogue doesn't necessarily hurt. For example, three entries could be added below the last "Karthwasten" entry in Greeting 9 that are Random100 < 73, Random100 < 86, and no Random100 filter. This would give the player a 40% chance of hearing a MG int-specific greeting and the same 60% chance of hearing a KW-specific greeting.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:49 am
by Charger24
Updated both files to address points above, plus some general streamlining. Also the quest #4 option to let Ravos die works now.

Still only requires Sky_Main and the base guildhall file.

I am waiting to add guildmember dialogue until after all six quests are done, so that events can be referenced by the characters.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:15 am
by Charger24
Updated the quest IDs + changed the results fields/scripts. Hopefully I didn't break things.

No changes to guildhall/NPCs file; use the one from my last post.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:08 am
by Charger24
Updated versions of both files. Now includes a finished quest 5, aside from a few misc item activators in the DSW teleport pad I'm too tired to do right now.

Requires both Sky_Main and DS sectionfile. I've had weird doubling problems with the new DS guild guide NPC Sky_qRe_KW_MG05_Marcur2 (but no problems with the replaced KW guild guide, strangely, despite both NPCs using essentially the same script). I think I've fixed the issue, but somehow the double keeps popping back up, so I apologize if it happens again for whoever tests it.

The DSW guild teleport pad is behind a wall in the basement; because it's working with the sectionfile, you'll need to disable the wall with the console, same as getting into and out of the KW MG hall throughout the questline.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:12 am
by Charger24
Also just as a heads up, it'll likely be a little while before I upload the version with the final quest, since I need to finish the six small Ruari house ints first, and do a bit of scripting to get the whole ruined village replaced.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 6:17 am
by Charger24
Fixed dialog placeholders I had badly filtered, squashed a couple of dialogue bugs, and made some progress on Ruari ints. Vern volunteered to make three of the six houses, so those three have been cut from the file. Files might be dirty.

Still requires addon and DS section.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 10:14 am
by Charger24
Another update, this time with the start of quest 6. Vern's three ints are still cut out, but there's a smidge more progress on the remaining three. It should work whether or not Ji'Tavarad was killed in the previous quest (Nistamal becomes the new questgiver).

I've changed up a great deal of quest 6, and its a bit of a more extensive quest now, with some darker backstory.

Also including a WIP copy of the merge notes so I don't lose them or delete them by mistake.
-The building for Selenya the enchanter (and all attached/adjacent items such as the balcony containers and sign) should be copied to Dragonstar East, directly south of the Arena, and pushed a bit on the E-W axis to sit nicely on the street edge. The tree and grass in that location has to be deleted, and the ground flattened a bit to accommodate the building, but it should fit fine without having to mess with the rocks. A bit of vertex shading around the edge of the building is probably necessary too.
-Sky_xRe_LH_Argok should be moved slightly to no longer be in the same cell as Ruari (for dialogue filtering).
-The KW MG building will occupy the exact same shell and footprint as the current Selenya building, only needing new windows, a sign, and a new set of exterior clutter on the balcony (all in the file). Selenya's also has a back door - the MG does not, so it can be removed.
-The T_SkyNor_Furn_Ch2G050 chest occupying the same location as the Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_Chest unique chest in "Hrakja Cavern" should be deleted.
-The T_SkyRea_Furn_Ch1Gem wicker chest occupying the same location in "Criaglorc, Matriarch's Hut" as the Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_MChestE and Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_MChestP scripted chests should be deleted.
-The T_SkyCom_Var_Cr2Empty crate occupying the same location as the Sky_qRe_KW_MG04_Crate unique crate in "Karthgad, Nauk gra-Olad's House" should be deleted.

DS sectionfile
-Eranthos' (the DSW guildmaster) rank should become Wizard; Conjurer is too low for a mage of her experience (she was the guildmaster in Shadowkey) and story role.
-The horizontal T_Rga_SetReach_I_TileTrim_01 above the teleport pad entrance in "Dragonstar West, Guild of Mages" should be raised slightly to prevent z-fighting.
-All misc items in the teleport pad in "Dragonstar West, Guild of Mages" should be deleted (replaced by scripted uniques), except for the T_Com_ClothBrownFolded_01, which stays there always.
-All three spiderwebs (T_Glb_Var_SpiderWeb_03a and 2x T_Glb_Var_SpiderWeb_09a) and all three candles (T_Com_Var_CandleBlueBlue01_177, T_Com_Var_CandleBlueBlue02_177, T_Com_Var_CandleBlueBlue03_177) in and around the teleport pad in "Dragonstar West, Guild of Mages" should be deleted (replaced by activators/scripted lights).
Files might be dirty.

Still requires addon and DS section.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:56 am
by Charger24
Another update. Ruari village restoration activators now implemented.

If you want to take a look at it, console "Set Sky_qRe_KW_MG06_RuariState to 1" to enable the village and remove the ruins. Unfortunately, using the Sky_Main .esp means the ruins are duplicated, so you'll have to disable the generic ruin statics that are already there for the proper effect.

Before and after pictures:

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:28 am
by Charger24
Realizing I haven't backed up in awhile, so doing so now. Not finished, but nearly there. The 6th and final quest now has pretty much all dialogue implemented, so only the final alchemy sequence needs to be scripted and some village ints in the separate file finished. Aiming to have this full questline ready for review by the end of next week.

Most of the secondary file has been merged by now, aside from some bits and bobs I'm leaving for last. No need to load that one anymore.

Also the quests file is actually named properly now.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:36 am
by Charger24
Update for backup. This last bit is a slog, sorry it's taking me so long.

Load with addon and DS section

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 6:41 am
by Charger24
Use with DS section and latest addon.

Last quest is done, and now playtest-able. Still need to do some touchup work done on the Ruari ext, and I need to merge the files once that's done. Also might still make a bit of dialogue concerning the Ruari mine, if I have time.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I also made the necessary rank dialogue and advancement triggers for T_Sky_MagesGuild in this update.
  • Sky_qRe_KW_MG01-06.ESP has the bulk of the content, including all NPCs and quest stuff
  • Karthwasten_guild_of_mages_B.ESP contains the three Ruari ints I made, which have been reviewed by Vern, as well as some spare dialogue I haven't merged yet
  • Ruari_Ints.esp contains the three Ruari ints Vern made, which are awaiting review by Myxinidae
  • dark contains the retextured water for the Void Residue in quest 6.
Sorry this is so messy. Will get it all into one file for the merging version.

Big thanks to Cicero for the cool Penumbra asset, to Vern for making three of the Ruari ints, and to Texafornian and Tristior for troubleshooting my code.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 6:42 am
by Charger24
The previous post failed to attach the main file, for some reason

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:56 pm
by Tristior
This is a playtest, not a review. Firstly, I love it. Great writing and characters, and good outside-the-box quests for mages to do. What I've listed below are sometimes problems and sometimes preferences. Like I said, not a review so up to you how you respond to them.

1. I noticed that the first quest doesn't (seem to) account for Ravos Terandas dying. Even if the Journal/dialogue ignores that, maybe he should have a copy of the report on his body?
2. Activating the useless potion crate before talking to Ravos messed up his dialogue. His greeting thought I was later in the quest and the topic "Ravos Terandas" gave generic responses.
3. When I tried to speak to Ji'Tavarad about advancement (midway through and also after the first quest) he said I wasn't part of the guild.
4. Opening the useless potion crate seemed to break Ji’Tavarad’s dialogue and he wouldn’t let me finish the quest. The topic “Ravos Terandas” is just the mid-quest dialogue. Have realised that the problems here are because the potion crate is from a later quest.
5. The second quest doesn’t account for Caotir or Muirach’s deaths. Maybe worth doing to allow progress? But maybe not -- up to you.
6. I got stuck after talking to Caotir the first time. Muirach had no dialogue for me. Skipped testing for this one and moved to the next quest.
7. Unnecessary space at the start of Ji’Tavarad’s “case of fabric” topic.
8. Topic “Rissoc” should have Dancing Sabre-specific dialogue (i.e. “he’s upstairs”). Rissoc needs his own unique dialogue. Same in both instances for Pelbelle.
9. Personal taste, but I think smuggling or stashing stolen goods is a less-convoluted alleged motivation for the caravan guard.
10. I think topics like “Marralaeth”, “Franco Azarius”, etc. should have a journal filter on them so that they don’t linger beyond the relevant questline.
11. This quest should definitely account for dead participants, I think. At the very least in dialogue.
12. Unnecessary space at the start of Ji’Tavarad’s “trouble in Karthgad” topic.
13. Ravos disappears immediately on being convinced to leave. A “CellChanged” check ought to solve this.
14. Journal entry “I told Ji’Tavarad the truth…” isn’t clear with what the player needs to do.
15. Didn’t get the “send another Guild member” topic until I talked to Ji’Tavarad about “trouble in Karthgad a second time.
16. This is best discussed with Texafornian, but I think it would be more elegant to work the “[Speechcraft]” and “[Reputation]” prefixes into the dialogue. Especially since they don’t indicate what the relevant check actually is. “Perhaps I can persuade you…” or “Surely, based on my reputation…”
17. In the fifth quest, responding to the topic “restore the guild guide connection” with “Eranthos is afraid…” loops the dialogue.
18. Eranthos simply could not be convinced. Am I missing something?

I played on beyond this point but I'll end here.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:38 am
by Charger24
1. Ravos now has a copy of the report, which he gives away to the PC
2. fixed
3. fixed
4. fixed
5. added alternate ending if Caotir is dead.
6. I can't reproduce this, can you tell me more?
7. fixed
8. I have some dialogue written up for the tavern, but I haven't merged it in yet. Same goes for some generic dialogue for the Criaglorc camp related to your actions in quests 2 and 6, and a couple more lines for Karthgad relating to quests 1 and 4.
9. It's intentionally convoluted. Both parties are being very shady, and probably not telling the whole truth. But it's a shaggy dog story, and the PC is the unfortunate recipient.
10. fixed
11. Any of the participants being dead kind of ruins this quest. I wonder if I should just have it be skipped if the merchants are dead?
12. fixed
13. This is intentional. I originally had a CellChanged check, but it screwed up and failed to relocate Ravos if the player recalled directly back to the MG hall (his new location). I don't think it's a bad thing that he leaves immediately.
14. fixed
15. I encountered this error too, but I'm not sure what's causing it. Ji'Tavarad has dialogue that unlocks at journalindex 107, which is marked by the quest at this point.
16. This has been discussed before, and last time I asked about it I was told to make it clear with the brackets. I prefer the clarity, personally, but I don't have strong opinions on it.
17. fixed
18. This is intentional. You can either go back to Ji'Tavarad at this point and end the quest, or talk to Gorelius and push things dangerously forward.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Much appreciated.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:46 am
by Violet
Fun quests so far. I got stuck on Quest 4 so I couldn't really finish it. I can't remember if I had any issues with Quest 1, I don't think so, but I tested Q2-4 a day or two after doing Q1 so I might've forgotten. This is not a proper review, but a somewhat brief playtest. These are the issues I found so far:

-Quest 2:
BUG: Reachman Matriarch doesn't have the option to speak about the spell, as a result, asking if it would be possible to learn the spell from the first Reachman and then her directing you to the matriarch causes the quest to be incompletable.

SUGGESTION: The questgiver marks the location of Criaglorc on your map, but players that aren't playtesting on OpenMW can't see the map. My suggestion would be to add a "Criaglorc" topic for the QG in which he explains how to get there (moving the map marking to this new line of dialogue). This way half of the players won't have to track down a Map or get lucky.

-Quest 3:
BUG: The two NPCs caught in the dispute have the same dialogue everyone else has when asking about them. IE when asking the clothier about herself, she'll talking about the clothier (in third person) being in the bazaar. I'd either suggest giving each of the dialogue line about the respective characters a NotID check, so they don't have the line about themselves, or give them your standard "That'd be me" sort of line that would override it.

-Quest 4:
BUG: Under the restore the guild guide network topic, with the Prince, and asking him if there's any way to restore it, he responds by telling you he's told you everything he can - instead of advancing the quest. The restore the guild guide network topic then continues to repeat this, as if the quest has advanced. It should be noted that he was at 100 Disposition when I spoke to him, in case that's relevant to the dialogue conditions.

BUG: The "destination" line for the guild guide shows up on every NPC.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:44 am
by Charger24
Fixed the issues mentioned by Violet and some further issues Tristior messaged me about.

Myxinidae says they'll be done with the review of the last Ruari int sometime soon, so I should be able to submit a combined finished file very soon, with the ints and the extra pieces of flavor dialogue merged.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:47 pm
by Violet
Uploading an edit with some minor bugfixes. CHangelog:
Quest 1:
The line "Ravos' reports have been nothing but positive about the situation in Karthgad. Everything seemed to be going well for the Guild there. Until now, that is." was missing an item check (or rather, they were missing a NO item check) for the player not having the reports in hand, resulting in that line blocking the player from the dialogue in order to complete the quest.
Added a getitem (report ID) = 0 check.

Quest 2:
"the Penumbra" topic not appearing naturally, thus that whole section of the quest is blocked.
Moved the ">=" and "<=" on Journal 50 and 40 around on Caotir's "the Penumbra" topic around, also added an "addtopic "the Penumbra" to the line just to make sure.

Upon speaking to the matriarch while holding the Penumbra unless your journal is at 60+. However, the Journal is stuck at 50, as the "I've found the Penumbra" journal entry can't be reached as the chest lacked the script necessary to update the journal.
Shortened the script name from "Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_PenumbraChest_sc" to "Sky_qRe_KW_MG02_PenChest_sc" (the original was 1 character over the limit).

I could use someone telling you where Saern is on the map. Considering it's relatively close, but otherwise it'd be very, very difficult for someone without a large view distance to find blindly.

TYPOS: The cave is actually northeast of Saern, not northwest. This has been fixed.

Quest 5:
BUG: Only the [Speechcraft] and [Personality] choices appear for me, the bribe does not, making the quest incompletable.
I got nothing. No idea why they aren't showing up for me.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:43 am
by Charger24
Okay, fingers crossed I've smashed all the bugs now. I think this is finally ready for review.

Requires Sky_Main, DS sectionfile, and latest addon. Don't load any of my previous Ruari or guildhall files; they're all merged into this one.

I apologize in advance if I've missed any bugs - been playtesting and adding bits of extra dialogue for hours and fatigue may have gotten to me towards the end. I'm very grateful to whoever ends up reviewing this whole thing.

Just so they don't get lost, I've also attached the review notes on the six Ruari ints + the (already-merged) guildhall. Four of the reviews were done by Vern for ints I made, the other three were reviewed by Myxinidae for ints Vern made.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:45 am
by Charger24
Thanks very much to Vern, Myxinidae, Tristior, Texafornian, Violet, and roerich for their great deal of help throughout the process of working on this.

Re: KW Mages Guild [Charger24]

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:47 pm
by Texafornian
Merged into DS section file

Important things:
- Cleaned a lot of dirty dialogue
- Many NPC scripts were missing "NoLore" local var which is required for all SHOTN NPCs
- Please start filling in dialogue conditions from the 1st row rather than starting in the middle. Doing the latter makes it look like dialogue conditions were lost during development due to deleted records or something
- Important/quest-progression Greetings must be placed in Greeting 1 to ensure they're not blocked by a diseased Greeting (Greeting 2)
- Dialogue entries that introduce new topics need AddTopic "topic name" in their results to ensure they're added
- Adjusted faction rep gain for all quests to follow new standards
- Filtering for the Reachman race requires a filter for "T_Sky_Reachman", not "Reachman" (soon to be deleted)

- MG02: Moved journal update from opening Penumbra chest to picking up Penumbra to be more consistent with other SHOTN quests
- MG02: Moved journal update from opening potions crate to picking up potions to be more consistent with other SHOTN quests
- MG04: Fixed the path where Ravos dies by adding an additional journal entry and updating some filters
- MG06: Adjusted entries to ensure that the multiple paths work

- Deleted unused MChest containers and their scripts
- Deleted unused container T_SkyNor_Furn_UNI_Penum (ID was in wrong format, too)
- MG04: Shortened "PotionsCrate" in various IDS to Crate
- MG04: Changed potions to be misc items instead of actual potions

Dialogue/Dialogue Results:
- Added "T_Sky_MagesGuild" filter and rank requirements to all appropriate initial quest entries
- Added overriding "PC Expelled == 1" entries to each quest topic for Ji'Tavarad and, if appropriate, Nistamal
- Moved some Greeting 6 entries to Greeting 5
- Removed [Speechcraft], [Personality], etc. prefixes from some player dialogue choices
- Added in-progress Greeting 5s for Ji'Tavarad
- Added post-quest entries for quest topics
- MG02: Corrected filter for "Marralaeth" Ji'Tavarad entry which had Choice == 5 instead of Choice == 8
- MG02: "Marrelaeth" - Added Sky_Hold and Sky_NoLore filters to ensure that only common, non-unique SHOTN NPCs have the entry (OK here since this is a specific topic rather than a Greeting)
- MG03: "Franco Azarius" - Added quest filter so the topic no longer appears for NPCs after quest ends
- MG04: "trouble in Karthgad" - a number of Ravos' entries were filtered for Sky_qRe_KG1_Journal
- MG04: Fixed the potions path by adding a filter to one of the two "Choice == 4" entries
- MG04: "send another Guild member" - Added more options to convince Thane based on KG quests and Reach Hold reputation
- MG05: Replaced instances of "Guild Guide" with "guild guide"
- MG05: Moved Nistamal's RaiseRank to the two "Ji'Tavarad" entries that perform the Journal 140 update so it wouldn't happen every time
- MG06: Ji'Tavarad now tells the player to speak to Nistamal about Ruari to make sure the paths work
- MG06: Replaced instances of "shadow mage" with "shadowmage"
- MG06: "shadowmage" - Azra's entry had a Journal command in the results which was missing a journal index
- MG06: Moved nearly all of Mayra's quest-progression Greeting 5 entries to Greeting 1 to ensure they don't get blocked by a diseased Greeting
- MG06: Moved generic post-restoration Ruari greeting to Greeting 9 with new placeholders
- MG06: Moved other Ruari dialogue placeholders from below KW to above Taurus Hall
- MG06: Adjusted quest dialogue and mechanics so Mayra and ghosts don't appear until quest is started
- MG06: Moved the quest-finishing entries in "the Penumbra" into "Ruari" for better consistency and pathing

- Replaced a number of globals with journal checks and deleted the global vars
- Script optimizations here and there
- MG02/MG04: Added Sky_NoLore to Sky_qRe_KW_MG01_Ravos
- MG04: Added a new global script to move Ravos; he no longer disappears in front of the player
- MG05: Modified Ji'Tavarad's script to disable his corpse after leaving + reentering the MG cell
- MG05: Added global for Sky_qRe_KW_MG_JiTaDead_glb and changed "Dead" checks to global checks since there are a few in a row
- MG06: Replaced all RuariState global var checks with PenumbraState global var checks and deleted the RuariState global var
- MG06: Fixed some == 0/== 1 problems in Sky_qRe_KW_MG06_RuariGhosts, moved OnDeath block up, moved counter check into OnDeath block, added _sc to the end
- MG06: Fixed an if/elseif problem in Sky_qRe_KW_MG06_Residue_sc
- MG06: Added _sc to end of script Sky_qRe_KW_MG06_Basin
- MG06: Added some Hello mechanics to Mayra's local script so she doesn't acknowledge the player while she's a spirit
- MG06: Penumbra now enables in Muirach's hut only during the quest
- MG06: Added local script Sky_qRe_KW_MG06_RuariJournal_sc to update journal when player first encounters restored Ruari