[Book] Vilebark, the ideal poison

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[Book] Vilebark, the ideal poison

Post by ThomasRuz » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:29 pm

I'm formally posting this as a book in the literature section - ThomasRuz

Vilebark, the ideal poison

by Nurrelon Galandris

Vilebark is a name not recognized by most. It is a rare and exotic tree found only in the Wrothgarian mountains, home to the city of Orsinium, and its inhabitants, the Orsimer.
Most are unaware of the existence of this tree, but its influence is to be found all over Tamriel. Many alchemists, including me and my associate Sinderion, are in agreement that it is one of the most potent, if not the most potent poison known to Men and Mer. When this tree exactly came to exist is unknown, due to records of varying herbalists and alchemists who have studied the surrounding region extensively, not having any information on the Vilebark whatsoever.

Though I would assure you that we already expected this, as our own research has led us to the same result. After the field expedition, many of my apprentices had perished because of the Vilebarks strong poison, and those who were in close proximity were left with severe chronic respiratory issues. The nearby Orc hunters were quick to act however, helping to carry the diseased apprentices out of the Vilebark’s vicinity, and these hunters, to my surprise, were not affected by its harmful effects, except for reddening of the eyes.

Though this setback had cost us dearly, we were close to uncovering the secret of the Vilebark tree, me and my apprentices were led deep through the mountain passes, to arrive at the home of their wise woman, who called herself Amidra gra-Niguul. After helping my apprentices with a tonic (from which she wouldn’t disclose the ingredients), she told us that we were lucky, but that she was exceptionally lucky, when she herself was afflicted. She told us the most remarkable stories, and was incredibly kind. She said I could include a few of these in my report, as such I will hold me to this promise.

The origin of the Vilebark is somewhat debatable, though the story she was taught, was the legend of the blighter: “A blighter came to these lands, one of those cursed Mogoi-Khan, and wearily sat under a tree. The tree was colossal, and bountiful of the most rich and coloured fruit, one of the fruit fell on the Mogoi-Khan. The Mogoi-Khan was angered and cursed the heavens, and out came the sour rain. The tree wouldn’t not budge and not wilt. The blighter was maddened that a mere tree could stand against his powers to control the heavens. The Mogoi-Khan spat with his cursed language. He knew the tree was strong and would not budge to a power greater than it. So he screamed the cursed words from the top of his lungs, that it became as vile as he.”

She explained that the Vilebark tree is used in many ways, the bark itself is used for medicinal purposes as a sedative, it can help numb the pain from wounds, it can numb weary muscles( this is why it is sometimes used on a bow, a bow created with this bark has a stronger effect), and is sometimes used recreationally, although she said that this is strongly inadvisable, as in high doses it can cause severe headaches and sometimes moments of paralysis. The leaves are more of a threat, it causes respiratory issues( similar to that which had afflicted my apprentices), severe irritation on the skin, and sometimes mucoidal thickening, which can lead to death.

But the most poisonous? She said, was the sap, which looked like a dark green ichor. Taking just a drop, or even inhaling the vapor could lead to a premature death. Therefore it is only harvested by people who know how to deal with it, like hunters, shamans, or wise-woman like herself. She also added that the poison was best used for hunting, as it could be boiled out of the flesh.

We were surprised by the amount of knowledge Amidra gra-Niguul had shared with us, but her reasoning to do so was justified. She said she was the last of her clan. Her clan had sought the tree to cure the bloody curse, and somehow, by Malacath’s grace she had survived. Granting her, her name Amidra gra-Niguul, which means life’s grace in Orsimer tongue, how she had survived she didn’t want to disclose however.

After this journey, me and my apprentices gained a lot of respect for the Orsimer, for their(albeit sometimes barbaric) way of life. The expedition had given us a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but it had also cost us dearly. Therefore reader, I ask of you one thing: Take this knowledge as you will, but unless you are a most experienced alchemist, do not venture out to find the Vilebark, it is the most potent poison on Tamriel.
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