[Dungeon] Warp space

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[Dungeon] Warp space

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Lost Journal in the Warp
The unmoving soldier

What is a Warp Space?
A Warp Space is a place on Nirn where the time-knot has not yet been repaired. It exists as a space out of time, where the player (or anyone else who interacts with a ‘rift’/’tear’) is transported into the situation where time was broken; when Numidium attacked the location in question.

What can I find there?

The player will find themselves teleported to a wasteland, a battlefield reminiscent of WW1. The earth pitted with acidic ooze; a sort of primal substanceless form of creatia. And bombarded with divine fire and columnated beams (Divine wrath). The environment is in disarray: Things that form and are undone, things floating, situations repeating (e.g. the divine bombardment of a castle). Soldiers who have died, or who did not escape the battlefield still linger; their existence now only in the form of husks, empty bodies fuelled by divine wrath, and their existence only maintained by the time-knot; which they will valiantly protect.

What can be influenced by the player?

The unresolved time-knot can be (partially-)resolved by the player through entering and making certain decisions. These decisions mostly or almost always have an effect on the local dungeon the warp gate/rift/tear is in (e.g. a burned down trading post might become a thriving trade hub after saving the trader from a lifetime of torment in the Warp Space). It can also have either minor/major effect on questlines outside of these locations (e.g. by giving the player extra options through a quest if the prerequisite is met). In essence, it would function a bit similar to Oblivion Gates.

Inspiration Sources:
Unconsciously I took inspiration from the ‘Colour of Madness’ DLC from the game Darkest Dungeon.
A good inspiration source is probably the book Dante’s Inferno, and descriptions of WW1 battlefields.
The cursed Battlefield in the game Witcher II.

Addendum 26 December 2020 - What I also was thinking is some kind of (constant) malignant musical droning going on, as if perhaps the environment itself is in pain or labored breathing, which would tie into the whole music/sound correlated with divinity thing. maybe some organ-pipes jutting out of the ground (made of stone of course), which also emits the acidic gas that's present in the concepts.

4 March 2021 Added other literature snippet

7 March 2021 Added Warped Mage concept art
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