Witch-Knights questline

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Witch-Knights questline

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I've tried putting together a starting quest for the Witch-Knights faction, does it look good?

Witch-Knights Faction

Faction Quest 1:
Quest start
• Ask for rumors in Jehanna to Reachmen and Breton residents (No Nords, or Nord sympathizers) to people of high disposition with the player.
• Investigation into the Witch-Knights by the player when part of the WR Jarldom faction (mid-faction quest).
• Find the location while exploring High Rock’s Western Reach
ASK AROUND – The player gets directed to a nearby Direnni ruin, that they need to explore to find The knightly order.
INVESTIGATION – The player needs to investigate the presence of Witch-Knights after information spilled by the torture of a scout.
After adventuring through the ruin, the player finds an abandoned camp site. “The embers are still hot, someone must’ve left recently”.
Tucked into a small bag close to a bedroll, the player finds a small bag that contains a pendant(key/ open spell) and a note that directs the player to the edge of Malekna Forest.
The notes leads to a worn-down/abandoned cottage, when inside the player notices that certain objects are peculiarly ordered.
The player finds a locked trapdoor in the abandoned cottage, and can use the pendant, an open spell or lockpicking skill to open it
The trapdoor opens up into a large cavernous cellar, in which a handful of Witch-Knights are present.
Forced dialogue will let the player choose out of the following consequences:
A – RANDOM – The player has the choice of joining the knighthood, or to flee from the scene, fleeing causes lowered disposition and/or provokes attack the second time the player enters the cellar
B – ASK AROUND, low (HR) reputation – The knights are already expecting the player to arrive, this changes dialogue and adds a small disposition bonus to the player’s relation with the Witch-Knights faction. The option to flee is also available and has the same repercussions as choice A.
C – ASK AROUND, high (HR) reputation - The knights are aware of the players deeds, this heightens the disposition gained when joining the factions, when refused, the knights are forced to attack the player due to the risk of exposure.
D – INVESTIGATION, low (HR) reputation – Opens up the choice to switch between the WR Jarldom and Witch-Knight factions, the player is not known enough to be recognized, and allows for extra options in later quests, due to the relations with the WR Jarldom. The option to flee is also available and has the same repercussions as choice A.
E – INVESTIGATION, medium/high (HR) reputation – The player is recognized as a Nord sympathizer, a challenging encounter follows the dialogue.
WHEN – Accepted into the faction, the player progresses in the faction storyline.
WHEN – The player is faced with attacking and subsequently defeating the knights, the player cannot enter the faction. If the player is part of the WR Jarldom faction, the player continues this questline.
WHEN – The player is part of the WR Jarldom faction, but the reputation is low enough to flee, the player can ask his superior to raid the cottage, the Witch-Knights present are defeated, the player continues this questline.
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