The Temple

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The Temple

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The Breton temple faction is devoted to the 8 divines. There are 8 chapels in Highrock, one for each god, and each will have a series of quests for the player. Each chapel has two halfs, the temple itself, and the temple order. Each will provide the player will quests, the priests of the temple will provide non-violent missions, and the temple orders violent quests.

The 8 orders and their military arms are:
Akatosh Chantry and the Order of the Hour – the temple of the dragon god of time.
Order of Arkay and the Knights of the Circle – the temple of the god of birth and death.
House of Dibella and the Order of the Lilly – the temple of the goddess of beauty.
School of Julianos and the Knights Mentor – the temple of the god of logic.
Temple of Kyanreth and the Kynaran Order – the temple of the goddess of air.
Benevolence of Mara and the Maran Knights – the temple of the mother goddess.
Temple of Stendarr and The Crusaders – the temple of the god of mercy.
Resolution of Zenithar and the Knights of Iron – the temple of the god of Commerce.

I'd imagine this series of quests is more like the vanilla factions, just a bunch of quests that are received from different branches.

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