ALPHA 0.1.4 Released!

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ALPHA 0.1.4 Released!

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Version 0.1.4 of the Lyithdonea alpha was released on the Nexus recently.


Here is the changelog to date:

Version 0.1.4
  • Completed first 2 quests in main quest - talk to an NPC on Azura's Coast (such as in Sadrith mora or Tel Branora)
  • Removed hundreds of objects from Azura City to improve performance
  • Replaced Temple of Azura with a single mesh
  • Moved the Slums District into an interior cell under the manor district
  • Remodeled the moon and star to optimize face count and retextured
  • Added more pathgridding to Azura City
  • Added new dialogue greetings and topics
  • Cleaned up ID list and removed unused objects to reduce file size
  • Added "caution tape" in front of teleporting doors to unfinished interior (only appear when player is close)
  • Added some new drinks (to start replacing placeholders)
  • Added Paatru Vesicae plant
  • Created add-on for Ashiraniir's More Argonian Hair mod
  • Replaced the Drakhis city with "Azularrabel", the ancient holy site
  • Added "Lyithdonea, " to all cells aside from "Azura, " and "Bnay, " to help filter dialogue
  • Added root trees to Thousand Isles region
  • Fixed vertex shading issues on Dunguar and Ko'tau
  • Fixed error in Elven Ship model (finder's credit to WH-Reaper)
  • Fixed detached wall in Magnagerial District (finder's credit to WH-Reaper)
  • Made canal water in manor district flow the right direction
  • Fixed western lighthouse trapdoor to roof area
  • Corrected floating "az_flora_moss_vurt_01" in the Thousand Isles region
  • Applied ownership in Eastern Sea Cornerclub and Fishing Supplies
  • Added Malyvel Ancestral Tomb (thanks, Moritius!)
  • Merged Griff's claim (thanks!)
  • Added some detail to the salt pan area
  • Added a "pighead" monster
  • Added details to the exterior of Ouashallath Island Ouag Tong Guild Hall
  • Began work on Tarshon interior
  • Removed some unused flora meshes (put into extras folder)
  • Detailing for Eastern Lighthouse exterior
  • Replaced references of hound meat with kriin meat
  • Added some clutter to Azura's port
  • Added iron item and began work on an iron mine
  • Added ambiance Bloodflies to Tarshon
  • Added Quilled Betty Netch
  • Replaced some houses on the South side of Bnay with a quilled netch ranch
  • Added netch jelly items and objects
  • Added Glenda Fruit
  • Added Pomu Beetles plus associated items: bug bowl and shield
  • Replaced Common Guar textures on overhangs with a new Dunguar texture
  • Finalized Pitchfork and Fish Net tools
  • Fixed placement of waterfall in Isles of Dusk (thanks, Lord Berandas!)
  • Made fisherman in Keen have 0 hello
  • Replaced Small Chest model
  • Made new rug and tapestry textures
  • Made moths in Keen disappear at night
  • Made certain small boats rock in the water
  • Fixed some object placement in Tarshon (thanks, Lord Berandas!)
  • Fixed some grass placement in Poor Town and the Palace District (thanks, Lord Berandas!)
  • Removed several unused and bloated statue models
  • Optimized bamboo model - reduced file size and face count (billboard rather than static leaves)
  • Replaced hanging rugs in Residential District with single-piece models to improve performance
  • Sped up animation and improved UV on waterfall_03.nif, waterfall_04.nif, mvr_waterfall_wide.nif, mvr_waterfall_wide2.nif, Mir_Waterfall_Fin_01.NIF
  • Added (or removed) collision, optimized, fixed UV, improved a number of meshes
  • Removed dirty "Almalexia" topic deletion (thanks Arvisrend!)
Previous releases:
Version 0.1.3
  • Fixed collision on more objects
  • Made all inhabited exterior cells illegal to rest in
  • Tweaked ko'tau creature to be more fish-like
  • Added various misc and furn items for interior design
  • Added interiors made by Arrianas and Moritius (thank you!)
  • Made Docents in Azura City able to transport you to several districts
  • More water transportation nodes
  • Gave the Chimer Dunmer voices as they were the most fitting
  • Added loot to Dunguars, Bandum Stalks, and Water Hyacinths
  • Improved underworks tileset
  • Fixed pathgrid in underworks
  • Added missing NoM book resources
  • Added boiled netch pauldrons& quorn's leafweave, imperial chain, and netch armor
  • Added all missing icons for Miscellaneous items, Books, and Ingredients
  • Removed problematic MGE textures
  • Bug fixes (thanks, berry)
Version 0.1.2
  • Tweaked the starting area where you get off the ship from Sadrith Mora
  • Removed duplicate NPC references
  • Removed a duplicate script reference
  • Fixed, optimized, and added collision to a large quantity of meshes – thank you, Abot for your help!
Version 0.1.1
  • Optimized textures (file size reduced by ~220 mb)
  • Added bounding box to Wyvern
  • Fixed missing textures on several meshes
  • Fixed collision on several meshes (bug fix incomplete)
  • Fixed pixelated piranha texture
  • Fixed Darkwood armor pauldrons
Version 0.1.0
  • Initial release

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