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Team Members & Key Contributors

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I want to recognize some of the key contributors so far on this project. Some of whom I have not heard from in some time, but I greatly appreciate their efforts in bringing Lyithdonea closer to final release.

Team Members
  • TheDrunkenMudcrab - Quest Developer | TDM recently requested to join the Lyithdonea team; bringing the official count from 1 to 2! He has already created several miscellaneous quests for Azura City and we plan to have him develop more.
Key Contributors
  • Abot - scripting, publicity | Abot was an early supporter of this project. Helping me with everything from scripting, to mesh optimization, to YouTube publicity. Thank you, Abot!
  • Arrianas - interiors | Arrianas enthusiastically created many interiors and was actively engaged in the project.
  • Autoclock - interiors | Autoclock explored using many new assets in several grottos.
  • berry - modeling | berry's creative jellyfish light really brings some uniqueness to the Ouag Tong.
  • Chainy - scripting, modeling | Along with helping out with some scripting, Chainy brought the large "kolibri" to life in the skies above Lyithdonea.
  • Darkelfguy - interiors, publicity | Darkelfguy has always been a big supporter of my mod and has made a number of videos on his YouTube channel along with contributing a vast quantity of interiors for it.
  • Greatness7 - scripting | Many of the scripted events you will see in Lyithdonea would not have been possible without this wizard's help in extensively troubleshooting my scripts and straight up rewriting them when necessary. Greatness7 has also been heavily involved in the effort to optimize Lyithdonea to improve performance.
  • griff - interiors | Although the contribution was minimal, I appreciate the effort griff made towards interiorizing the capitol city!
  • Istreddify - interiors | Despite being a soft modding hiatus, Istreddify managed to crank out some high quality interiors for the project.
  • Moritius - interiors | Moritius, like Arrianas has been enthusiastic about the project and has helped out in a number of areas.
  • Lucevar - interiors | Lucevar's interiors are great at telling a story about the people who live in them. Thank you for your help!
  • Pluto - interiors | Before he got too busy moderating the old Bethsoft forums, Pluto did send me several great interiors for the project. Thank you!
  • SamirA - interiors | SamirA and I had many discussions about the direction of the Lyithdonea project and in the meantime, he sent me several interiors. Thank you for the help!

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