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Interested in helping

Post by griff »

I would like to help in this project. I work at interiors as you may have seen. But I don't know what data files and the such I need to download ?

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Melchior Dahrk
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Post by Melchior Dahrk »

Hey, griff! I would welcome the help with interiors. In order to start making an interior for Lyithdonea, you need to download the main file and then just make your plugin dependent on "MD_Azurian Isles.esm" and use the resources from the master file.

Let me know if there's anything in particular that you are interested in working on. I put together a simple claims area for the residential district but those are hardly the only things that need working on. If you happen to be exploring Lyithdonea and see something which is missing an interior (essentially everything...) and it peaks your interest, just let me know.

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