L:AZ Asset Development Guidelines

Model, texture and sound development for L:AZ
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L:AZ Asset Development Guidelines

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This sub-forum is dedicated to asset development. I don't expect this to be incredibly active as I am 85% done with the resources for Lyithdonea. The development of interiors and quests may drive that additional percentage. If you are so inspired and see a need, please also feel free to contribute your own work or suggest resources for inclusion (especially ones which might be useful for interior design) and I will review for inclusion in the mod!

If you're making a self-made submission, I suggest prefixing the topic title with [Models], [Textures], [Sounds], etc just to help make it stand out. If you're just making a resource suggestion, feel free to just post about it. Alternately, if you see a need post a [Req] thread and I will take a look!

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