Fauna of Summerset

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Fauna of Summerset

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>A small orange, black, and white mammal, the Ringtail appears as a mix between a Tanuki and Red Panda.


>The Indrik is a colorful, scaled, deer-like creature with two long antlers and a small horn protrusion pointing foward.



>Bred for their colors and beauty the Canah of the Summerset is a prized animal of the nobility.


>Much like a normal heron but with two extra wings near it's rear and long tail feathers.

>With bright colors and a strange crest on their head these ducks are mainly raised for their meats, some are kept as companions.



-Alvalin Ant
>One of the few large insects on Summerset, the Alvalin Ants are most commonly found in the treacherous Miscurin Desert, they also have inspired many an Altmer with their entrancing crystal like wings.

-Giant Butterfly
>Renowned for their beauty, delicate silk and intricate wing patterns, the crystal butterflies of Summerset are commonly found in the massive flower groves of Nilcestumir.



Coral Crab-


>Simple minded, and tough the Trolls of Summerset are used for moving large objects and demolishing.

>Short, green and humanoid, Goblins are kept as slaves for the jobs many Altmer do not wish to do.

>Large, tall and hairy, Ogres are used for heavier deeds that trolls cannot do.

>A midway point between the gremlins and Goblins, The Kobolds are more animalistic then most goblinken, but are still useful for certain tasks.

>Dull witted, and very small, the rat golbins are used as Guinea pigs for the wizard lords and noblemer alike.


>A strange monstrosity, the Chimera is a reckless abomination created by conjoining different parts of animals and monster alike, they are know to be a dangerous foe in Titans wake and some forests nearing it.

>A reptilian dog like beasts the goblins most often use as mounts for wars and battles.

>Homonculus are flying creatures created from a magical combination with parts of demons by the careless wizard lords. They are normally found protecting their masters towers from intruders.

> Yaghra can be said to be rather impatient hermit crabs. Rather than finding the shells of dead molluscs and move in, yaghra parasitically latch onto living molluscs so as to utilize its host's shell, often turning its host into a mad frenzy until it dies.


>A man or group of men that appear to be formed by the earth and are surrounded by a host of minor Sylphim.

>Taller then the trees, the Ilyadi appear as a long lanky humanoid with frog like features and covered in eyes.

>An air elemental the Sylphim appears as a young maiden formed of condensed air with small wings, it was known to hang around the god fey for protection and company.

>An insect humanoid, the Nixad are pesky fey that like to mess with local residences of their habitat, they are also addicted to sugar.

>Appears as a small, condensed light, these fey are harmless and are used as lights in Shimmerene to light their streets and homes.

>(Appearance Undecided)

>A monstrous beast of horns and jagged teeth and looks of a mishmash of other animals.

>While most on Summerset are docile and blend into the environment, the more unkempt the area, the more hostile the Spriggan gets.


>(To do)

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