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Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 4:41 am
by Violet
The WIP Bosmeris vocabulary so far:
Thar (Tharri) - Forest
Edhel (Edhelli) - Sky
Bruch (Bruchei) - River
Wing (Wingi) - Wind
Gren (Grenthi) - Oak
Vylch (Vylche) - Hollow
Calo (Calloi) - Fern
Bar (Barri) - Guard, Guardian
Val- (Vale-) - Towering, Imposing, Intimidating (when used as a standalone word, the form "Vah" is typically used)
Kyl (Kylthi) - Tree Trunk
Vrayth (Vray) - Slow, Steady
Den (Denthi) - Speaking (particularly without proper consideration)
Elis (Elisi/Elissi) - Pine
And (Andri) - Moss (only singular in compound words when preceeding vowel sounds)
Layn (Layni) - Spring
Liil (Lilthi) - Shade, Shady
Fir (Firei) - Ivy
Tya (Tyai) - Blue
Jal (Jalthi) - Willow
Varan (Varani) - Red
Kahn (Kahni) - Toll (debt)
Ben/Baen (Benthi/Baeni) - Big, Large (the "Baen" form being used to stress the size)
Has-/Haset (Hasi-/Hasetti) - Bone ("Has-" being a shortened version used exclusively in compound words and contractions, "Haset" being the proper whole word form that rarely has seen use in compound words over the millenia)
Hyarna (Hyarnai) - Marsh (loan word from Aldmeris)
Erma (Ermai) - Shallow
Bruk (Brukei) - Brook, small river (loan word from Aldmeris, not used today. Fallen out of use in the early first era - the only times you'll see this word used is in settlement, tribe, and dungeon names.)
Elneth (Elnethi) - Small, tiny, occasionally used as a term of endearment for children and sprouting trees.
Bruchilth - Brook, small river (the commonly used term for Brook, shortened version of the larger compound word "Bruchelnethi", which translates to "River Small" or "[The] Small River").
Wel - Vale (when used as a suffix in a compound word where the preceeding word part ends with any consonant besides "s", "r", "t", and "ng", the preceeding word part is pluralized - regardless of the position of the preceeding word in the word-chain).
Lor - Lightless, Dark
Lodel (Lodelthi) - Night (a shortening of the compound word "Loredhel" which translates to "Lightless Sky")
[Th]och ([Th]ochi) - Thorn (The "Th" sound is dropped when used after a consonant sound in compound words)
Vull (Vulli)- Lake
Bae (Baethi) - Run
mil (milthi) - Wood (when behind a word part which ends in a vowel, the proceeding word part is pluralized and the first "i" in imil is dropped).
Glenh (Glenhi) - Valley, Dale
Elvull (Elvulthi) - Pool (shortening of the compound word "Elnethvull" which translates to "Small Lake")
Thal (Thalli) - Summer
Odos (Odosi) - a word to describe a petal dancing in the spring or summer breeze (often is combined with either "Thal" summer or "Layn" spring to be more precise).
Sair (Sairi) - Flock (as in "a flock of birds")
Gehl (Gehlthi) - Grove
Brachen (Bracheni) - Dragon, Dragon-like

Also inspiration to be taken from this: ... c#Bosmeris

Though keep in mind that any contradictory info in PV's Bosmeris language takes precedent over hrafnirs' Bosmeris language.

Proposed writing system:


Writing system is based primarily on various symbols from sheet music, as a reference to Y'ffre's Bardic nature.