Witch Covens of Skyrim

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Witch Covens of Skyrim

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Glenmoril Witches

A popular coven across the northern provinces, barring Morrowind for obvious reasons.

Coven of the Wood

A coven of witches found in the Ironwood Forests. They are worshippers of Herma Mora and it's said their indistinguishable chanting can be heard whispering through the trees.

Coven of the Mouth

A coven whose true name has been lost to the sweeping winds of the northern mountain ranges of Skyrim. Dangerous and unpredictable, the words which linger on the hearts and minds of the Nords within The Pale bring nothing but dismay upon those who wish to breech their circles.

Coven of the Pale-Bloom

A coven with association to Peryite and Mara within the northern White Hold/southern Pale Hold area. This coven is considered benign and is very open to mages, scholars, and traders alike. Known to mix strange elixirs of that bring drought and prosperity, as well as strength and weariness, within a single vial. Despite their openness, they are seen as untrustworthy.

The Souls of the Shore Coven

A coven within the Obsidian Coast who favors the Hearth Gods. This coven believes the waves represent the universal truth of 3. For there is never a first god without its parents, and there is never a soul without the three pillars of the breath of life, the loyalty to the body, and the love of the sky. Without their openness and warmth, it's believed that none would know of their benevolent nature, as all of their teachings and practice is entirely oral in nature.

Sisters of Solitude

A small coven within the Solitude Forest. This coven places the fey spirits at the utmost importance, favoring them over all other gods save Mara and Kyne themselves. Their reclusive nature allows for rumors to spread throughout Haafinheim Hold. Some say they themselves are fey posing as human, whereas others believe they snatch those lost in the forest to feed to their woodland wraiths. The Sisters of Solitude do little to stop these rumors from spreading, instead preferring to stay locked within their caves and avoid the outside world. There is great animosity between the Sisters of Solitude and the Souls of the Shore Coven, while there is no sign of any conflict arising between the two covens, it is considered unwise to get involve in witch politics.

Witches of the Beast

A coven within Hrothgar Hold, they are seen to worship Mara and Hircine, as they believe them to be beast-husband and master-wife. They are known to consort with all manner of werecreatures and have a unique, often bewildering affection for them. Many have tried to come to them in search of a cure for their lycanthropy, but no such reports of those who've seeked them out have surfaced of the curse being lifted.

Coven of Ghost-Waves

Said to originally be a band of witch-sailors out in the Sea of Ghosts, to have disappeared from the face of Nirn sometime in the second era. As such, they are believed to be disbanded or deceased. Some believe they may still exist in Atmora or Roscrea, though these rumors are simply idle speculation.

Witches of the Frost March

Found in Hjaalmarch, this coven is considered one of the larger covens in Skyrim. A very eclectic coven, they primarily worship Kyne, though have dealings with Hircine, Mara, Clavicus Vile, Herma Mora, Xarxes, and even pay tribute to the missing god Jhunal. They see themselves as the wardens of the mysteries of the marsh. They consider knowledge of the land, sea, and sky as the chief discipline of witchcraft, and seek to guard that discipline with secrecy and mysticism.

Coven of Silent Moons

A coven of White Hold, this coven claims loyalty to Lorkhan, acting as the sole priestesses to the betrayer god, Lorkhan. Despite this abhorrent world-view, as Nords are quick to proclaim, the high priestess of the coven - J'sashe - has recently become the Witch-Queen of Whiterun. After being blamed for several natural disasters, she was given the title of queen after dynastic disputes following King Asgis's passing. The sudden change of heart by the citizens of White Hold has left some to question the involvement of the Coven of Silent Moons, if any, that may have caused this curious succession. No evidence of such suspected involvement have surfaced, however.

Witches of Ancestry

A minor coven found in Falkreath Hold. This coven is primarily made up of Colovians and Colo-Nords nobility shipped off to Skyrim by tradition to learn of their Nordic ancestry. As such, their numbers in Skyrim are consistently low, as their members typically return from Skyrim as new members join. These witches are considered benign, rarely practicing much more than mundane magicks and potion brewing. This coven is no more than a social club for the magically inclined tourists and bored socialites. As long as its members give their dues, this coven is open to any and all with coin to spare and a reputable name. The coven was founded by its matron Kjellse Iron-Bound after leaving the enigmatic Coven of the Misty Crag. It's said that the two covens currently see each other as the enemy.

Coven of the Misty Crag

A xenophobic coven within the hills and forests of Falkreath Hold. According to Kjellse Iron-Bound of the Witches of Ancestry, this coven primarily worships Mara as the mother goddess of Shor and Jephre, who together represent the dual spirits of life and protection. The Coven of the Misty Crag has little to do with outsiders, often showing hostilities for venturing into their coven lairs without forewarning, and refusing to speak to outsiders of their beliefs and practices. As such, the only knowledge of this coven's inner workings lay in Coven Matron Kjellse's testimony. According to her, this coven has dealing with certain bandit clans in the area, and is even rumored to be in contact with the current Vampire Clan of the western Falkreath Hold - the Khulari. Due to these connections, the Coven of the Misty Crag is considered dangerous by the King, and the Falcrenthian guards have been ordered to take any suspected coven members in for questioning on sight.

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