Werebeast Packs of Skyrim

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Werebeast Packs of Skyrim

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(Unlike Vampire Clans, which are locked into what bloodline you're in, werebeast packs don't discriminate on what bloodline made you except where stated. They do, however, have higher disposition towards their own bloodline, even in opposing factions - though better than nothing isn't too much. Like Vampire Clans they are exclusive to each other.)

Red Tusk Pack

A Wereboar pack found within the Falkheim region. A small pack, but responsible for many deaths among the Skyrim-High Rock border. A Wereboar from this pack is responsible for the npc in the "Painting Bloody Fleas" getting infected. There is only one permanent settlement which would be a single home or farm where 2-3 of its members stay, any other members therein would be enabled/disabled based on quests. Will only allow Wereboars to join.

Wind Runner Pack

A pack of Werewolves found in The Pale. Larger than most, there is a permanent settlement within an ice cave in the area, though the pack is entirely nomadic. They believe themselves to be descended from the Companions of legend. Their members in human form are often mistaken for Berserkers. Open to all Werewolves, but only werewolves. They are bitter enemies of the Svolfal Vampire Clan.

Debaucherous Claw Pack

A pack within the greater Hrothgar and Falkreath Holds. They are open to all lycanthropes, but are mainly made up of Werewolves. They believe Hircine to be the consort of Sanguine and Mara, and see the Nordic Gods as great sage-like beasts to which all Werebeasts should head their examples of a "model beast". They are allies with the Coven of the Silent Moons and the Khulari Vampire Clan. Despite having neutral views on other lycanthrope packs, the Debaucherous Claw Pack is generally disliked by other packs.

Howling Bite Pack

A Werewolf pack that is open to only those of their bloodline. Small in number and spread out among the Eastmarch and Rift Holds. This pack prefers solitary hunting and individualistic rule of one's self. While there is an Alpha among them, they are the protector of the pack, not the leader. They are the only Pack to show antagonism towards the Witches of the Beast coven, and have difficulty making allies. As such this somewhat newer pack is dying off at an unsurprising rate.

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