May 2024 Progress Update

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May 2024 Progress Update

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Project Tamriel is a collective of modding projects for TES III: Morrowind that aims to recreate the provinces of the continent of Tamriel found outside the borders of the original game world. The provinces of Skyrim, Cyrodiil, High Rock and Hammerfell are currently in active development.

Welcome, citizens and adventurers of Tamriel, to our development roundup article! While Project Tamriel works tirelessly on the upcoming Cyrodiil release, we thought it'd be a great time to inform you about our news in a fresh format.

So make yourself some tea, sit back, and enjoy this overview of our projects’ recent progress, and what is still in the works for the near future!


Province: Cyrodiil is currently the main focus of the whole project, as its upcoming area, the Abecean Shores release, is in its finishing stages. This release has been in development for over a decade, limited for many years by a lack of the development resources needed to bring so much content up to the quality standards of our other well-established projects, but it is now approaching completion.

Release area of the upcoming Abecean Shores update, hopefully bringing Cyrodiil to you in the coming months.

We are planning to release Abecean Shores in the second half of 2024. This release will be Project Tamriel’s first full release in the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil, and include a huge swathe of that country’s western coast and seaboard.

The Abecean Shores release area covers the Kingdom of Anvil in its entirety: a temperate and Mediterranean realm with broad swathes of wilderness, dozens of dungeons, a vast sea area, and many settlements. The largest of these is the city of Anvil itself, a powerful and prosperous port city known for its beautiful temples, thriving markets, and bustling harbor.

The kingdom also includes the dusty caravan town of Brina Cross, a picturesque island town called Charach, and several villages that dot the Strident Coast region. The lands of the Abecean Shores are like nothing in TES III, Tamriel Rebuilt, or PT’s Skyrim - in Cyrodiil, players will have a chance to experience a very different part of the world, with new factions, new conflicts, new history, and new adventures.

The city of Anvil is the focal point of the release, bringing one of the landmarks of Cyrodiil to life and offering a heavy load of quests within the city itself.

In addition to the mainland, a large portion of the Abecean Sea will be included in the release, offering many islands and underwater adventures for any explorer brave enough to dive in. Those who dare to delve even deeper will discover lost ruins of the Ayleids, shipwrecks from many lands and eras, and ancient Dreugh citadels that burrow their way below the seafloor. The lairs of these chthonic monsters, as well as their hoards of treasure, have been developed for you by LilianaUnfolded and Aveno.

Our exterior developers are in the process of reviewing the final remaining islands of the release. Thanks to the new seafloor development standards set by Silvone, the aquatic areas of Abecean Shores are detailed, beautiful, and performance-friendly at the same time. The sea is full of treasures and secrets for adventurers willing to take the time to explore its depths.

The seafloor of the Abecean Sea was heavily reworked during current development. Along with new places and treasures, you can find new underwater creatures.

The old alpha release of Province: Cyrodiil, which contained the island of Stirk, has been fully reworked in Abecean Shores. These changes were made in order to ensure that this very old piece of the project would match and complement newer areas in quality, meet modern performance standards, and follow the most up to date design plans for Cyrodiil. The new Stirk features new locations, characters, quests, including questlines for three factions.

The old settlement has been replaced with a new seaside town called Charach, which is both stuffed with content and easy on the hardware. New locations have been added to the rest of the island, including a smattering of small farms, a mothballed Imperial Navy fort, and new grottoes and shipwrecks in the sea around the island.

The most recognizable sites from old Stirk - such as the hidden tunnel through the crypts, the striking exterior cave beneath the Ayleid ruin of Wormusoel and a shrine on top of the forested central hill - have been retained and improved in this refreshed depiction of the Island.

Stirk was reworked heavily for the upcoming release, with a new town called Charach and an overhaul of the entire island for performance and quality.

Those who remember that Project Tamriel follows pre-Oblivion lore may recall that Cyrodiil was said to be a jungle province by NPCs in Morrowind. While the bulk of Cyrodiil’s jungle will be found in Nibenay, the eastern half of the province, players will be able to experience a small piece of Cyrodiilic jungles in the new Dasek Marsh region. This lush jungle area is found on the southern edge of the Abecean Shores release, on the northern bank of the Strid River which defines the border with Valenwood province.

Dasek Marsh is a region that borders the province of Valenwood - spanning from Agi Bay near Anvil far to the southeast of Skingrad.

The Abecean Shores update is getting very close to its long-awaited release. Our biggest remaining hurdles are in quest development, with several faction questlines still in progress and plenty of miscellaneous quests in review.

Meanwhile, our other devs are finalizing work on the last handful of needed assets and making necessary tweaks to exteriors and interiors to fully realize the Abecean Shores game world. All the while, PT devs are searching diligently for bugs and other issues to ensure that Abecean Shores is as polished as possible at the time of release.

Project Tamriel is developed by volunteers, and it is not possible to provide an exact release date at this time. Our goal is to bring this update to release somewhen between summer and autumn this year.

Brina Cross with the distant Ayleid ruins of Garlas Agea - being one of more memorable views of the release.

Outside of the Abecean Shores, Cyrodiil developers are making progress on two other areas as well, those being the Kingdom of Sutch in the north and the Kingdom of Kvatch in the east. The latter is known from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as a city destroyed by Daedric armies - in the world of TES III, however, it’s quite alive and bustling.

Sutch is a city we couldn’t find in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion due to the scope of the game being cut to its smaller scale - but in Province: Cyrodiil we are not limited by that. Its monumental vertical design lets you feel the unique atmosphere of this place, connecting Redguard and Imperial influences.

Both areas are backburners, waiting for Abecean Shores to come out before they become Cyrodiil’s next focus - but despite that, interior work for Sutch is making remarkable progress. Just at the time of writing this article, Sutch’s development wiki page counts 70 interiors that are ready for our senior developers to review and be merged into the Sutch section file. And in terms of exteriors, both Sutch and Kvatch Kingdoms are pretty far in development.

After Abecean Shores is out, Project Tamriel plans to focus on Skyrim - since its upcoming Markarth release is also quite near.

Release area of the Markarth update - expanding current playable area (within green border) from the east and northeast side, up to the Snowhawk mountain; the small Hammerfell area of Osabi was also decided to be included.

Our previous Skyrim: Home of the Nords releases added the areas of Karthwasten and Dragonstar, bringing you a solid portion of the Reach, one of the western holds of Skyrim province.

Markarth Side is the third and final part of the Kingdom of the Reach. It will complete the territory of the hold and will introduce the players to the first Kingdom questline of this province.

The city of Markarth Side is located along the Karth river, with its monumental Direnni ruins reigning majestically over the city walls.

The titular city is home to the famous College of the Voice - in Project Tamriel’s take on the lore, a school which once taught the high art of The Voice, but has slowly regressed into nothing more than an academy for Imperial nobles. Aside from that, Markarth Side will have its share of core TES III faction content, and will introduce some new joinable factions as well - such as the Companions.

Markarth Side is known for its open market. In the background, Mount Snowhawk peeks from behind the Imperial Commission building.

Going south of Markarth Side, the expansion spans a vast area filled with smaller Nord and Reachmen settlements, including also the third orc camp in the area, Lugrash. Further south, we can find the second biggest settlement of the release - the town of Beorinhal, with its castle, Granite Hall, watching over the area. Beorinhal is also the location of the third active Guild of Fighters in the Reach.

Beorinhal takes advantage of verticality, making the buildings along the street feel cozy.

Outside of those two main locations, Markarth update is planning to include yet another small chunk of Hammerfell, the village of Osabi. This place will play an important role for some questlines planned for the release, as well as include the well-known Dwemer ruin of Nchuand (known in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as Nchuand-Zel).

Old Hrol’dan ruins, inhabited by the Reachmen tribe of Bodraigh.

It’s worth mentioning that Skyrim: Home of the Nords is based on the descriptions of Skyrim which predate The Elder Scrolls V, drawing from TES III lore, The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, and books such as the first Pocket Guide to the Empire (included with The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard), and taking some inspiration from previous installments of the series.

Since the geography of Tamriel has never been entirely consistent between games, SHotN’s map has some landmark differences from that in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where Markarth Side was repositioned southwest and became a city built into the Dwemer ruins.

As picturesque as TES V’s Markarth is, its design clashes with Morrowind-era lore, in which the Dwemer settled only in present-day Morrowind and parts of Hammerfell. Instead, Project Tamriel’s implementation is closer to the position of the city on older maps, and the ruins on which our Markarth Side is built are the remains of the Direnni stronghold. These were the ancient elven civilization whose remnants dot the stretches of the Reach already released, and whose legacy in the Third Era you may be familiar with in the form of the Isle of Balfiera and its iconic tower in TES II’s Iliac Bay.

MammaHyena started conceptualizing the Ice Tribes, including their symbolism, tools and weapons, and appearance. These mysterious humanoid tribes will inhabit the northern areas near Dawnstar, and maybe even Roscrea and other areas near the Sea of Ghosts - their planning is still under development.

Despite being in the background compared to the Abecean Shores release, work on Markarth progresses steadily - quests and interiors get picked up frequently and later undergo a review by the project lead, Tristior. In terms of overall progress, Markarth is now where Cyrodiil was a few months ago - which gives us hope that the update is right around the corner, especially if more quest developers join us in the meantime.

The town of Hraggstad with majestic mountains in the background - impressive exterior work by Skyrim’s landscape master Roerich. The area was just recently finished and now awaits review, to be included in the Snowhawk release.

SHotN developers have also been working on the two releases that will follow Markarth - Snowhawk, the area reaching far north up to the coast of the Sea of Ghosts; and Falkreath, which will connect our landmass with Colovia once Province: Cyrodiil also reaches Skyrim's border near Sancre Tor. Colovia is Falkreath's cultural relative on the Cyrodiil border.


High Rock 427 is a newly opened branch of Project Tamriel, dedicated to realizing the northwestern province of Tamriel, the homeland of the Bretons, 10 years after the events of TES II: Daggerfall. It was taken out of the design phase in the last few days of 2023, and since then, our developers have contributed to it with great enthusiasm.

Planned scope of the first High Rock 427 release. It covers the area depicted in Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, including the towns of Snowline and Azra’s Crossing.

High Rock 427 is Project Tamriel's fourth launched province project. For its first release, it was decided to cover the remaining areas featured in TES Travels: Shadowkey, one of the lore sources of the project (some of the other locations on Skyrim’s side of the border were introduced in the Dragonstar release of SHotN). To honor the inspiration, the release is named Scars of the Shadow.

This planning makes High Rock potentially the first province mod to connect with another - as everything east of SotS areas is either planned or already covered by Skyrim: Home of the Nords.

High Rock already transitions smoothly into Skyrim - this view was taken near the village of Oirrad in High Rock, but the screenshot also shows the beginnings of the Grey Plains area in Skyrim.

Current development of the province focuses heavily on asset development - a majority of exterior claims are still waiting on a few critical architecture sets to be completed. There are a few areas opened already though - the exterior around the village of Oirrad was just recently finished by Fremennik, and the exteriors of Mauldern and Dyrholm (both north of the first claim) have been taken as showcases by Toma400 and Exovian, respectively.

Lake near the village of Oirrad - with scenic mountain views and Direnni ruins in the background.

Asset developers are hard at work bringing High Rock up to speed with the two leading projects - LilianaUnfolded, Fremennik, Kynesifnar, MammaHyena and ThomasRuz show their progress on asset development daily on the Project Tamriel Discord server, bringing a variety of items and architecture pieces to be included in the next version of Tamriel Data.

Gilded Glass tableware set, made by LilianaUnfolded and Vidi_Aquam, with concept art by Fremennik. Currently awaits review.

Every contribution, from concept art to clutter to entire architecture and armor sets, is invaluable when it comes to realizing unique cultures through environmental storytelling. The latter is a feature of Morrowind that makes it irreplaceable over 20 years after its release.

WIP design of Ostern castle set, one of the critical pieces needed for the remaining exteriors of eastern High Rock to be opened. Made by ThomasRuz and Kynesifnar.

High Rock being a new province means entirely new creatures, fauna and flora need to be created, reflecting the magical and sophisticated nature of Bretons and their strange environment.

Alchemical abominations, designed by MammaHyena. They will inhabit various Direnni ruins across High Rock and Skyrim.

While the High Rock area is still very early in development, its pace and the excitement of our team members promise a bright future for the project. The release covering only smaller settlements is also a wise choice. Previous province projects suffered from including metropolis-sized cities in their first release, which caused massive challenges for the team. The current plan for Scars of the Shadow avoids this, focusing on smaller towns and villages instead.

Oirrad village, being the first showcase of the Ostern Rural set.


The province of the Redguard people spans across the sands of the Alik’r desert and the Dragontail Mountains, connecting the lush areas of Iliac Bay with the tropical landscapes of southern islands in the Abecean.

A map showing the area of the first Hammerfell release - a good portion of land that should neatly connect on the south with the future Sutch expansion of Province Cyrodiil.

The first release of Project Hammerfell encompasses a vast area of the Republic of Rihad, including the major city of the same name, alongside smaller villages across the coast and riverbeds.

Rihad is a port city, a shining jewel of the Abecean sea, known for its massive lighthouse. The center of its holdings is inhospitable desert, so most surrounding settlements are placed along the coast and on the river banks. The center of the land is left to wastelands, nomadic tribes, the wind-swept ruins of the Ra’Gada (ancestors of the Redguards) and the extinct Rourken Dwemer. The latter are the Dwarves who migrated here from Morrowind to settle where their leader’s thrown hammer Volendrung fell.

The city of Rihad is dense with homesteads built closely together, making its streets a cozy place that will, in the future, be populated by a variety of NPCs.

In contrast with the harsh conditions of their land, the Redguards have developed a culture which brings a richness of colors and shapes to their environment. Their culture was built upon the ideals of freedom and independence, forging a unique political system and understanding of land ownership.

WIP screenshot of the village of Taso, north of Rihad. Almost every asset on this screenshot was created by Joanasc, a passionate lead developer of Project Hammerfell.

This update is in its early phase, being developed throughout the last two years by our small, yet vehement Project Hammerfell team. Specifically, Joanasc and Mothpot were at the forefront keeping the idea burning.

For the last few years however, Mothpot was also a part of another initiative dedicated to this province - TES III: Abecean Isles. Originally established by EJRS, this project was meant to restore the island of Stros M’Kai, following its depiction in Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

When EJRS stepped aside from its development, he delegated the project to Mothpot. Stros M’kai has seen many contributions over the years in terms of concept art, assets, exteriors, and interiors. Mothpot himself has overhauled many fundamental environmental assets - the building blocks of the entire island - and made it even more beautiful, unique, and friendly to the vanilla game design. But still, many things remain to be done.

The worldspace planned previously for the initial release of TES III: Abecean Isles, now set as the second release of Project Hammerfell. The areas showcased on the gridmap excerpt are the islands of Stros M’Kai and The Chain.

TES III: Abecean Isles and Project Hammerfell were longtime supporters of each other, yet separate for many years. This changed in March of this year as, with the blessing of its original creator, the Abecean Isles merged into Project Tamriel. Thanks to that, Stros M’Kai - with its nearby islands called The Chain - is now going to be Hammerfell’s second expansion, right after the future release of Rihad.

Landscape work on Stros M’Kai by Mothpot.

Rihad and Stros are homes of vastly different halves of Redguard political culture. The former belongs to the Forebears, with the latter being reigned over by the Crowns and King A’tor - formally a leader of both factions, though in reality leaving the Forebears much more independent in their domains.

Project Tamriel stepped back from depicting these political factions as enemies, as the team found their peaceful coexistence to offer more potential for interesting storytelling. Politically, this also shows the period during which the province enjoyed partial independence from the Empire thanks to the Treaty of Stros M’Kai.

One of our prolific writers, Marhaus, just recently put his book asset “On Hammerfell” up for review, describing the gist of political history leading to the current vision for this province.

WIP concept art of Crown architectural design, by Mothpot.

While the project’s focus is centered on Rihad, the work on visual depiction of Crowns’ culture is still going - just recently, Mothpot made concept art showing his take on a Crownlands militia residing on Stros, as well as architectural variations for this island.

One of the old Stros M’Kai interior designs developed by EJRS.

Hammerfell aims for a different goal than other provinces - its presentation is meant to evoke feelings of a spacious and empty wasteland. Even so, care is being taken to emphasize actual locations that are - or were - inhabited.

Rourken Dwemer ruins are scattered around the whole of Hammerfell. Their aesthetics differ from the Dumac style ones you can find in Morrowind.

The province of Hammerfell has been a home for many civilisations who have left their marks on the land, mostly in forms of ruins and abandoned sites. Hammerfell was home to the ancient Nedes and the Rourken clan of the Dwemer, and it also has bruises from its old rulership under the Reman Empire of ancient Cyrodiil.

Design of Ra’Gada ruins. Made by Joanasc, with small concept art help from Toma400 for the towers' designs.

While later depictions of Hammerfell in The Elder Scrolls franchise present quite uniformly arabesque vision on Redguard culture, Project Tamriel inspirations tend to integrate plenty of different influences - including ancient Sub-Saharan takes on architecture and aesthetics, as well as Caribbean clothing and architectural detailing. It is a logical follow-up to two major sources: the already mentioned Redguard game, and the Tamriel Rebuilt artbook compiled in late 2009.

A lot of aesthetic inspirations for the province come from the old TR Artbook, which contains a beautifully unique vision conceptualized by the old Tamriel Rebuilt team - the book itself is downloadable from both the Tamriel Rebuilt website and the Project Tamriel wiki.

Project Hammerfell’s development progresses steadily - Joanasc provides new architectural and environmental pieces needed for landscaping, while MammaHyena creates new tapestry, rugs and flag designs.

Exteriors for the province are planned to be opened sometime this year, once the project has enough assets for smooth development of the first release's remaining terrain.

Redguard trade camp somewhere near the border between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.

While the Rihad release is still quite far away, there is plenty of Redguard content coming with the upcoming Abecean Shores release - and later, with the city of Sutch, Colovian neighbor to Rihad across the border. Both areas are known to have large communities of Redguards due to their close proximity to Hammerfell, and so they can be great sneak peeks of what’s to come for the province itself.

Cyrodiil, Skyrim, High Rock and Hammerfell are provinces that are in active development - meaning that there is a release that is actively being worked towards.

In addition to these, there are three (or technically, four) projects that are currently in the conceptual phase - Valenwood, Summerset, Elsweyr, and Roscrea.

While none of those projects are going to be opened soon - both due to being conceptually insufficient and an unwillingness to spread Project Tamriel too thin with its modest team size - there is constant work on making those provinces coherent with currently active ones. Plenty of assets and worldbuilding are being worked on, which helps in diversifying the currently planned releases for Cyrodiil, but could also make opening these provinces much easier in the future.

Bosmer bone armor made by Alexander based on concept art from Pickles. You will be able to see this armor in the upcoming Abecean Shores release, where it is worn by some NPCs - including a Bosmer mercenary you can hire in Anvil.

The most actively conceptualized of all the provinces is Valenwood, portrayed in the upcoming Abecean Shores release through its export goods and the Bosmer diaspora. Thanks to that, we will see plenty of items from this province added this year.

Bosmer bone weapons, conceptualized by Pickles and being implemented by AnrohaNexus. These may be included in the Abecean Shores release if they’re finished and reviewed in time.

While the items used for Cyrodiil are the main priority of the Valenwood branch, some developers are actively working on more concrete planning for the province.

A general area of focus was recently decided, and a list of needed assets and concepts was made. Thanks to this, visual artists in the team have started creating the first assets that can help bring its regions to life. MammaHyena is working on Orsimer iconography and creature designs, while Worsas is focusing on flora assets for the northwestern Xarxen Mora region, which borders the Strident Coast of Cyrodiil.

Violet Prophet of Romaneel remains a leading contributor to Valenwood lore in the form of in-game books, world-building texts and quests relating to Bosmer in Anvil.

Xarxen Mora trees made by Worsas.

Further east, the province of Elsweyr has been gaining a lot of traction, thanks to our quest developer, minifly, designing some of the first general documentation for this province. It touches both on the geography and diverse political backgrounds of Anequina and Pellitine, depicting tensions between those two parts of the province and the unique position of the city of Torval.

Concept art of the city of Torval, by Dravidistan.

This documentation marks a significant milestone for province planning, allowing us to coordinate our vision of all of the province's areas. Our hardworking MammaHyena has already started helping the province by providing the first of Rimmen's aesthetic designs and proposed to work on visual documentation for the Rim.

Rimmen's sigil, conceptualized by MammaHyena.

On the Summerset front, the team is still trying to find a satisfying vision for the province. Heavenlee has recently started work on recontextualisation of some old planning and brought some new documentation to the table for the team to discuss in near future.

Abecean Shores will also include some Altmer additions - Rats designed a collection of new faces and haircuts for this race, while Kynesifnar modeled their alcoholic beverages. You will also be able to see the new Altmer ship docked in Anvil.

Altmer ship made by AJ123 and Worsas - will be seen in Anvil docks of Abecean Shores release.

Roscrea, itself an offshoot project of Skyrim: Home of the Nords, is currently mostly on hiatus - waiting for Skyrim’s main branch to progress more before it is developed further. That being said, the existence of Ice Tribes and their portrayal recently saw development thanks to MammaHyena’s concepts.

Padomaic Isles is a project that covers islands in between the continents of Tamriel and Akavir - The archipelagoes of Temaris, Yneslea, Cathnoquey and Esroniet, along with many smaller locations scattered in-between.

While not technically a part of Project Tamriel nor Tamriel Rebuilt, Padomaic Isles is a project heavily entwined with both of our provincial collaborations. It shares plenty of developers with them, and the Padomaic Ocean-related assets developed by PI are part of Tamriel Data repository.

Featurettes of this project already appear here and there in TR and PT in the form of items and books imported from the archipelagos to Tamriel. Even the natives of the islands themselves, who serve in the Imperial Navy or travel for trade, can sometimes be encountered in locations of other projects.
The Temaris release will include several islands east of Morrowind’s coast - aside from the titular Temaris Isle, you can see Aleare, Ceryla, Lasalo Archipelago and Eshugamelat on the map.

Most excitingly, Padomaic Isles is close to its very first release - Temaris! This relatively small area was chosen so players can experience a teaser of the bigger islands that will come after it. Despite this, the Temaris release will be filled with hours of content. According to one of the developers, it will offer around 20 quests, including one or two faction questlines.

Temaris Isle with the Tamriel Rebuilt environs of Necrom in the background. Padomaic Isles expands upon the areas east of Morrowind province.

Padomaic Isles being in a wildly different place on Nirn means that you can expect a lot of hitherto unknown wonders, such as unique flora, fauna, and landscapes.

In addition, you will see new races that settled on those islands, such as the pacifist human nation of Keptu-Quey, or their sea-faring elven counterpart, Chimeri-Quey.

The latter are the descendants of ancient Chimer who continued Veloth’s Pass east past Morrowind and thus later escaped Azura's punishment.

Eloisa - the only sizeable settlement in the upcoming release - holds a port that is used by Navy forces.

Asset developers on the Padomaic Isles project also work tirelessly, bringing a lot of furniture pieces and other items, portraying the unique cultures present on those islands.

A lot has been achieved thanks to the efforts of MwGek, S’wit, Wandering Iterator, Brannon the Ilk, Joanasc and Du}{, to name some of the latest 3D designers. Meanwhile, Pickles and DharmaPR provide inspiring visual direction for asset development, contributing reams of concept art.

Baskets used by Chimeri-Quey and Keptu-Quey. Made by Wandering Iterator and Brannon the Ilk.

With Temaris release in mind, other islands are also currently in development - Cathnoquey and Yneslea are racing to determine which will have enough assets to be featured as the first full release.

Furniture for Tsaesci ruin interiors. Conceptualized by Pickles and made into assets by Brannon the Ilk.

Various tableware sets, beautifully crafted by BarbedWireKisses and Wandering Iterator.

The project’s first landmass has come far with its exterior work, and interiors are picked up in a flash whenever they are opened. With Blueshift contributing the first quest to the mod and the latest influx of quest developers, Temaris may even see the light of day this year.


Hopefully this summary brings you an overview of how much work has been done in just the past few months. While the latest release of PT was in 2021, our team works hard to bring new releases to life. Plenty of areas are either close to completion or have good progress and solid foundations done already.

If you find Project Tamriel’s vision and aspirations something close to your heart and you would like to help bring those to life sooner, please consider joining the project.

No knowledge of game design or coding is required to start. A lot of our developers started without any Morrowind modding skills and are now regular contributors helping the project move forward. Our developers are open to assist any newcomers, answering their questions and guiding through the learning process.

We also offer plenty of tutorials made and constantly improved by our experienced developers. It's a great time to consider joining us- your contributions may be just what we need for one of our new releases!

Feel free to also join our Discord server, so you can meet our developers and see all the progress happening in real time.

See you in the next one!

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I have fond memories of the work I did on the Anvil FG and MG (I know the MG quest-line got adjusted to remove Oblivion references, but that's a change of which I wholeheartedly approve). Really looking forward to seeing the finished release!

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Wow, huge update... I'm really looking forward to get my hand on it!

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Well done team. The project is in great hands
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Can't wait to explore Anvil and the new Stirk... obviosly my attention is on future shotn update ❄️

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