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Direnni Asset Requests

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:56 pm
by MinerMan60101
Okay, in using the Direnni tileset I have stumbled on many of its limitations and want to make a list of the assets needed to fix them, or ones that would otherwise be helpful.
First, I want a simple wall corner without the walls. This has been makeshifted numerous times using exterior pillars.
Existing asset names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_03 model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_wall_03.nif
Proposed new names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_03a model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_wall_03a.nif

Next, I want the beam from this model only, both with and without the darker part, similar to how the CeilingBm models are.
Existing asset names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_Transition_01 model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_trns_01.nif
Proposed new names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_CeilingBm_<09/10> model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_ceil_bm<9/10>.nif

It would also be nice to just have a vertical plane with the rocky texture above, in the same dimensions as the floors, and another as tall as the wall is.
Proposed new names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_WallPln_<01/02> model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_wlpn_<1/2>.nif

I need this, but without the beam. And then another model, cut off where the ceiling is positioned (same level as it is cut off on the other side)
Existing asset names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_Transition_06 model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_trns_06.nif
Proposed new names: static: T_He_DngDirenni_I_Transition_<15/16> model: sky\i\sky_in_alt_trns_<15/16>.nif
- Note: the number placement could be annoying, since it is in the other type of transition models, 1a and 1b could work better

And now, here's a bug with the existing assets: Each of the T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_XX statics with curved corners (listed below) have the seam pictured above. (this would include my corner only asset)
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_04a and b
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_07a and b
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_08a and b
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_09a and b
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_11a and b
T_He_DngDirenni_I_Wall_12a and b