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TR Hammerfell Assets

Post by Yeti »

I'd like for us to ask Tamriel Rebuilt permission to use some of its old Hammerfell mod assets to flesh out our border areas. Here's my shortlist for what I'd like to use so far. Ideally, I would have liked to ask the original creators for permission, but many of them are long gone. Asking the current members for permission would be the best we could do, I believe.


Zeht Fresco - use as an in-game tapestry or wall fresco.


The Divadamakalluh
Hoonga and the Furry Man
The Wonderous Tales of Kuu'Mra Scaesci
An Overview of Folk-Hero Cyrus the Restless

The Five Fights of Mutak - Tragically unfinished, but we could present it as a fragment of a lost story, similar to the Father of the Niben book.

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I do like some of those texts. Hopefully there wouldn't be much of an issue including them. A nice way to include a HF flavour without any work? Yes please :)
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Post by roerich »

Sure! There's the Sakatal tapestry by Lutemoth/Lady_N as well.

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