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Pootsy's Interior Showcase

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:42 am
by Pootsy
Hi, I'm Pootsy, and I've been really inspired to attempt to join this project by the team's work in the last few months I've been in the discord server. I'm still inexperienced in CS, I'd thought I'd create a simple interior for my first try. Some people on the discord suggested that I'd just create a 3x2x2 interior, but if this doesn't fit any exterior, I'll figure something out. I loosely modeled this after Astius Hanotepelus's house in Balmora, and designed it to be more in the style of an imperial living in Hlaalu lands. Also if there's any blatant mistakes in stylemixing and esp cleaning let me know, because I'm still a bit new to this.

Re: Pootsy's Interior Showcase

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:09 pm
by Luxray
Hey Pootsy, welcome! Always really nice to see someone posting a showcase. I've given your file a quick look over so here's the review.


Lighting: set
Illegal to sleep: yes
Northmarker: yes
Gridsnap: yes
Clean: yes

misc_com_broom_01 floating
com_sack_01_rnd_ingr_5 rests a bit awkwardly against the basket (tricky with sacks, they are not quite so rigid in real life, which limits how they can be placed sometimes, try to move it down a little)
com_basket_01_chpfood5 bleeds into floor
Com_Sack_02_Ingred bleeding a little too much into floor
com_sack_02_chpfood3 same, bleeds into barrel
misc_de_bowl_redware_01 not resting properly (See pics below)
same for all of the redware items on that de_p shelf
furn_de_p_chair_01, furn_de_p_table_05 sunk too far into the floor (multiple)
all of the objects on the corner table need rotating to rest properly (see pics below)
Com_Basket_01_POS handle bleeds into com_basket_01_pillows
com_basket_01_pillows basket of 25 pillows seems excessive for 1 house
active_de_p_bed_14 sunk too far into the ground
misc_uni_pillow_01 floating
Com_Chest_11_clothing might be unsuitable here
light_de_lantern_03_128 not quite resting properly on the rope
furn_de_p_shelf_02 not attached properly to the wall
books on the bookshelf might need propping up with other misc objects

Alright, that might seem like a lot, but don't worry, you are on the right track. First and foremost the structure is great and the tapestries, doors, rugs etc placed with 0 issues, really good start, can't fault you there!

You'll need to pay a little more attention to how your furniture and clutter is placed.

Lots of the furniture in this int is sunk too far into the floor so the feet are chopped off prematurely. If you weren't aware, if you move an object over where you'd like it and hit 'F', the object will 'F'all to the ground. If the bounding box lines on the bottom of the object turn from solid to dashed, that generally means it's resting perfectly on the ground (though there are exceptions, it's a good general guide). At a guess it looks like you hit 'F' too many times or sunk the furniture into the ground a bit more -- it's not necessary, so long as it's flush with the floor it's perfect.

You'll also need to tweak the bits of clutter on the shelves and table so that they lie flush with the surface of the de_p furniture. Because the furniture is not horizontal with the ground, you'll have to rotate objects on all 3 axes to get them to lie well. See this comparison:

Your int:


5 seconds of rotation work:

To rotate objects on other axes, hold down Z, X or Y whilst right click-and-drag. It might help to go File > Preferences... and decrease Object Rotation to 0.1 (makes it much easier to get fine adjustments). Objects like the redware bowls will need sinking into the furniture a little so they're not resting on extreme points that the model mesh has.

Finally a few more misc objects and bits of clutter wouldn't go amiss, with just over 100 references in the cell it's on the low end for a PT cell; try challenging yourself to add coins, bottles, cutlery, glassware, baskets, etc. to boost that up a little once you're feeling confident with how things get placed.

If you can go over the interior again and get all the clutter and furniture placed nicely, it'll be no problem to recommend you for promotion. Hopefully these tips have proved useful -- ask us on the Discord if you have any more q's!

Re: Pootsy's Interior Showcase

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:42 am
by Pootsy
I thought I removed the sacks that were on the chest and basket, so I must have posted an older version or something. Regardless, I moved the sack on the basket to the wall, and redid all the work in that area. I also didn't know there was a object rotation modifier in preferences, so thanks for that. I think I fixed all the floating and rotation issues. I also removed the chest in front of the bed and placed a table with restore fatigue potions and ingredients. I also placed a bookshelf with some clutter in the bedroom, and added some clutter to the bookshelf downstairs. Overall, I think I fixed all the issues you've pointed out, and added some more clutter. Also if I post you the same file again, please ping me on discord so I can figure out what's going on, since, like I said before, I'm pretty sure I posted an older version of my showcase ESP at the start of this thread.

It turns out I had some meshes that were messing with my placement of stuff, so I went into a clean install and moved some stuff around. I'll leave the previous version of my first revision in for archival purposes.

Re: Pootsy's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:50 pm
by Luxray
Most of the interior objects now all nicely rotated, sacks resting nicely, sunk well, etc...

A few things you need to 'F' again to make sure they are properly resting, but it wasn't egregious.

Recommended for promotion for Interiors

Re: Pootsy's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:55 pm
by Luxray
And.. there's your permissions. :)